Chapter One

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* Christmas day I went to see Rise of the Guardians with my dad and had to wait one and a half hour in order to seethe movie. For that hour and a half, we played Pac-man and Galaga (made it to Stage 21 yay!) and during that time that we waited, snow began to fall softly. Minutes passed and the snowflakes came down harder than before and the wind was bloming around like crazy.

After watching the movie, I came out to a semi-winter wonderland with the car attacking me with snow. My dad was laughing because my first reaction was: "Ohmygawd! -- Jack Frost attacked us!" XD but because I live in the state I live in, snow melts right away and only lasted half a day. 

This story is inspiration I got from that day, also, I was sick not long ago when I was writing it with a really high fever that made it sound like I was drunk-writing. Besides that, I like Jack Frost and my name, Koori, fits with his :D Enjoy. This story is also in

P.S. I need a cover for this story -_- does anyone know how to make awesome cover because I'm having a really hard time making one. The one I'm using is not convincing. . . .help? Anyone?


His first impression of her was of how strangely she reminded him of a strawberry coated marshmallow. Small, soft, rosy colored, and with a odd bouncing sensation that placed her all around the room at the same time. She was someone easy to like and get used to with the only problem being that she absolutely loved Bunnymund, which Jack still couldn't understand why.

“Everyone loves the Easter bunny.” he joked while shoving Jack's shoulder.

She was introduced as Cupid, but she hardly resembled the diaper wearing, chubby cherub that was placed on every Valentine's day cards. The girl was slightly smaller than Tooth, maybe by a foot or less, and her body a bit more human like compared to her, but she had similar avian features as Tooth.

Unlike Tooth, Cupid had rich strawberry blond hair that reached her shoulders and was mixed with white feathers with pink and red tips. The feathers also grew on her arms and her legs and on her back, which those would be called wings and not feathers. Her small wings looked to be more of an angel than a bird, which would only explain why the other introduced her to him as Cupid.

Her skin was bright and shining and always flushed because she was never resting, or maybe she was always blushing because even when sitting on the shoulders of Bunnymund she was flushed. She wore a white, feathered, tunic dress tied with a gold rope around her waist. Her legs were fully covered by white leggings, also with feathers, that ended above her ankles. Her feet wear was a strange one: knee-high, golden Greek sandals that were fitted over the leggins.

It was explained to him from the beginning on why it was they had brought her before the red bag crossed the portal and was told he was going to be accompanying her for a small while. Cupid, like the name suggested, was a love sprite, or spirit, and thought to be Pitch's target after having failed on his last attempt on getting rid of the guardians. They believed that Jack was their best offense in making sure Cupid didn't end up in Pitch's hands.

How Pitch was tied to Cupid and able to cause major trouble using the girl, he wasn't sure, but this job seemed easy and fun. Cupid seemed to have the same ideals as he did; no rules and no limits and absolutely having a great time every time. Though, as the others explained, having a 'great time' for her usually ended up as a 'bad time'.

“Love, look at his marvelous teeth.” Tooth called out to the smaller girl before she pried Jack's mouth open. “The rumors were true, you see?!”

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