26// Derek

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Walking into Jack's living room and my eyes automatically searching for Tori. I'm thankful that Jack has let us stay in his spare room, I know it's making her feel much safer especially after what happened at my house, the crime scene investigators haven't had the chance to look in Tori's beach-house yet.

Their priority is finding any evidence in my house that this guy might have left behind, it's a long shot but it's all we've got right now.

Pulling out of my thoughts as I walk around the house to find her, just as my eyes see her legs from under Jack's dining room table.

Shaking my head and bit back a laugh, as I just watch her lay under the table.

"Babe?" I say announcing my presence while placing the pizza box down on top of the table.

"Yeah" I hear her reply.

"Why are you lying under the dining table?" I ask her, climbing in next to her. Lying flat on my back and turn my face to the side to look at her.

Just as she does the same, to face me.

"I needed a quiet place to just think. It's kind of been a rough day." She whispers to me. locking my hand through hers and let them fall in between us.

"Talk to me...please,"

"Don't ever make promises to me, if you don't mean them" She whispers sadly, locking my eyes on her, confession must have flickered through my own eyes because she simply just shrugged.

"I just mean if you're going to walk away, do it without hurting me by doing something that would hurt me more than walking away from me"

"Tori, what are you talking about?" I barked a little at her.

"I'm talking about life Derek; I want a full one. I want to get married one day, want to have babies...And I need to know if that's what you want to. Because a man once promised me those things, and instead of making them come true, he lied and cheated on me, while letting me find out by walking in on them in bed together....so that's what I'm talking about-;" She cut off and looked at me.

The tears speaking in her blue eyes, I don't know where all of this is coming from, or what the hell brought it out but I'm going to be upfront with her and lay it all out of the table, so she knows what I want and that I want it with her and only her.

Turning on my side as much as I can under a damn table, then placed my hand gently on the side of her face.

"Before I tell you what I want, and how I see our future. I need you to tell me what brought all of this on" I said to her.

Before I pour my heart out to her, I need to know what doubted hers.

Tori stays silent for a moment, before turning on her side too and faced me.

"Like I said it's been a rough day, my dad is still in the hospital. If I don't go back to my job by Friday, my boss basically said I won't have one anymore-;"

I can see the sadness in her eyes. I can see how much toll this is now taking on her, and I'm no closer to ending this for her....for us.

"Mia's been calling again...and then Jeremy turned up at the hospital to see Grace, wanting to know what was going on with me. And I guess it's just got me thinking about everything..." She trailed off explaining.

Gritting my teeth as I hear her Ex's name, she told my whole story one night when we were in bed.

After I talked about Tilly and my life, she wanted to put everything out there.

So she told me about her cousin, who she treated like a sister, how she came to her for a place to stay, to get on her feet after she dropped out of college.

And because my woman has a heart of pure gold, she helped her any way she could, then one day after a few months of Mia living with her and her douche Ex, she comes home early one day from work, to hear noises coming from her very own bedroom.

I remember listening as she told me, as she opened that door, to find them both naked in her bed, tangled in one another. And how they didn't even have the decency to act ashamed by what they have done, by the pain that they caused her.

When she was telling me that story when I had to watch the tears form in her eyes. And hear her voice crack with such pain and hurt, I almost put my fist through a wall, because how could they do that to her.

Tori is every kind of amazing, she's one of a kind who deserves to be treasured and loved, not broken, and hurt with actions caused by people who were meant to love her.

It just proves that they never deserved to have her in their lives in the first place, and eventually, they will know that she has moved on from that pain and that heartbreak, they will know that they didn't break her, that she found someone who will give her everything and never make her doubt herself again.

And I'm going to be that person because I love her. 

"It's my turn to talk now, first of all, I'm sorry about your dad but at least he's going to make a full recovery, your job I know you love it, but maybe there's a better one out there for you-;" I kept my eyes locked her hers.

"And as for your cousin and douche-bag, they really aren't' worth you thoughts anymore-;" I added, ready to carrying on when she cuts me off and asks her own question.

"Derek, what do you want from your life?" she whispered.

For a long time that question scared me, I didn't know what I wanted. Then I got Daisy and my life came about her, making sure she was happy, healthy, and loved. I didn't need anything else, other than my job, my brother, and my daughter.

Then there was Tori and she changed everything for me, being with her opened my eyes to so many more possibilities and she doesn't even know it.

"For starters, I want to find the person who is threatening your safety. Get justice for those missing girls, bring my daughter and brother home-;" I started.

"Then I'm hoping you might want to stay in River-Cove with us, if not then I will follow you wherever I'll be a cop, you'll be a wonderful nurse....we'll raise Daisy together....make endless love every night-;"

she laughed and I smirked.

"Then what?" She asks in a hopeful whisper.

"Then I'll ask you to marry me, we'll get married and then have lots of babies. At least three more kids I think....then I see us growing old surround by them and our grandkids, probably Deacon too because he will be like our other kid, who we will have to feed....but the best thing about it all, we'll live one big happy life together " I finished telling her our future.

"Sounds like a beautiful life..." she says.

"And it will be, I want that with you and only you. And I don't make a promise to break them, baby...I promise you this kind of future for us and we will have it"

She looks at me for a second, gently moving her lips over mine, responding to her touch. Deepening our kiss, showing her just how much she means to me.

"What the fuck are you two doing under my dining table?" We broke apart as we hear Jack's voice boom through the room.

Shaking my head at my best friend's timing, Tori looks at me and smiles letting out her beautiful laugh, joining in the laugher, as we link hands, getting up from under the table, together as it will always be.

Her and me....fighting together.

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