Chapter 24

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Ezra's POV: 

Bay was getting dressed to go swimming with Damon and I. 

I got to admit the idea of seeing Bay in a swimsuit made me get the butterflies a little bit. 

After a few minute Bay popped her head, but didn't come out. 

I need Enzo

Ok I said a little confused.

I called Enzo, and he came upstairs quickly a little panicked. 

"Whats up? Where is she?" 

"She's in the bathroom." I told him.

He flipped the switch and waited for her to open the door. 

Enzo's POV: 

She had a tear stained face. 

What's up Kiddo? 

We're going swimming, and they're going to see my scars..

What's the problem with that? 

They've never seen them before, they're ugly.

Bay there is nothing ugly about you or on you. It was ugly what they did, but there is nothing anyone could do that would lesson how beautiful you are. 

What if they stare at me? Or they say something about it? 

They might, but only out of  caring for you. Nothing that your Mother and Step douche did could make them stop caring. 



I went out into the bedroom again while Bay was grabbing her towel. 

"If you boys stare at her or make any comments about her scars I will have your heads on stakes." I said with a big smile and walked out of her bedroom. 

Ezra's POV: 

That wasn't terrifying at all.

I'm totally fine.

Bay walked out of the bathroom in short shorts and a sports bra.

She looked amazing. 

She's beautiful.

I never noticed how skinny she was though. She always wears baggy clothes. 

You can see each rib.

The next thing I noticed were the scars. 

She had scars all over her body. 

She had words like trash, and whore carved into her.

I knew she was abused, but I didn't realize it was that bad. 

I realized I was staring and Damon was too. 

She covered herself up with her towel and was about to go back into the bathroom. 

Your beautiful Bay. I told her.

Now let's go swimming! Damon said.

She started walking with us, but I could tell she wasn't excited anymore. 

When we got to the pool Bay looked more anxious. 

Hey it's ok. You can hang onto me the whole time. I told her. 


It took her a minute to put her towel down. 

We walked down into the pool by the steps.

She clung onto me, and I had my arms around her waist. 

She's so small. 

I'm 6'1" and buff, she's 4'11" and skinny. 

Damon your hair Bay said.

"Damon your hair is leaving a trail of pink in the water!" 

I said and Bay and I start laughing. 

"Shut up you two!"

It's kinda funny though Bay said.

She's actually teasing him. 

We were just vibing in the pool, at one point I had her on my shoulders and we were chasing Damon. 

Then we Were playing pass the Bay. 

Whoever had Bay was it like tag, and then we would toss Bay to tag the other person. 

Seeing her laughing like this was amazing. 

I even convinced her to jump in. 

I caught her as part of the agreement. 

When we got out of the pool I noticed more scars. 

They were on her back. 

It looked like she was whipped, and she had another word carved into her. 


It made me angry as hell that someone did that to her. 

She's the furthest thing from worthless. 

Whoever did that to her doesn't even count as a human in my book. 

And to think he's still out there. 

Apparently Enzo told Xander that her Stepfather was never caught.

If I ever find him, he's dead.

A/N- Someone asked for a picture of Bay's dog so here it is! 

A/N- Someone asked for a picture of Bay's dog so here it is! 

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