Mistery part 1

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We get into the car and a smell of macadamia nut hits my senses.Then Matt puts on music *insert your fav band/artist*.To your surprise you liked them as much as he did..Your in the car for 5 minutes and then you finally stop.You stop outside a huge house just like yours.."Where are we?"I ask."This is my house,don't worry my parents aren't here"Matt says."oh Idk if I should come though"I hesitate."oh come on y/n! Stop being so scared"Matt teases.I give in and go inside.The house is gorgeous,anyone could tell he comes from money not that it matters.He just smirks at me."what?"I ask a little nervously."nothing,come on let's go upstairs..Would you like anything to drink?"Matt asks."no im good"I say.I follow him upstairs into his surprisingly clean room."Your room is very clean for a bad boy"I say sarcastically."yeah,well I do like a tidy room"Matthew chuckles.I sit down on his big comfy bed and so does he.I look at his hair which always looks hot,seriously I'd love to play with it."What"Matt asks."nothing,nothing"I say shaking my head repeatedly."are you sure?"Matt asks raising his eyebrow."yeah"you insist.Matt chuckles.For awhile you guys just talk about normal stuff until Matt says"y/n?Can I ask you a question?".You nod,"who do you like?"Matt blurts out.Wtf do I say?I mean I like Matt lots.I just look down to hide my embarrassment with my hair."Is it me?"Matt asks.I can feel him getting closer and closer."uh"I stutter.No actual words come out,just gibberish."i know you do"Matthew says.I can now feel his hot breath close to my neck.He kisses my neck,I let out a small moan which makes him smirk between kisses.Matt then pulls away and says "I knew it,I like you too".I smirk.we pause for a second and then he aggressively kisses my lips pushing me back onto the bed,I decide not to kiss back and when he asks for entrance..Well I deny it."stop being such a fucking tease y/n"Matt says aggressively.He then squeezes my ass which makes me gasp and he earns entrance.Woah this kid knows his stuff.He starts leaving wet trails from my lips to my neck and starts sucking it.Fuck.After a few minutes he stops."that should show who you belong to"Matt says cockily."I it bad?"I ask worried."nah why you so worried?"Matt teases."may I look?"I ask."sure mirror in my bathroom"Matt says.I race in there to see purple/red marks on the side of my neck."oh my god how will I cover this up?"I shout over to matt who's trying not to crack up."you don't"Matt smartly remarks."From my parents?"I say."chill"Matt chuckles."never thought I'd have to do this again"I mumble a little to loud that Matt hears."what?you've been given one before?"Matt says shocked."yeah but only a small one"I say quietly."by who?"Matt asks."no one you know,from LA"I say."hmm okay"Matt replies.

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