"You are in danger, no?"

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"Did you sleep well?" Jake murmurs down my ear. I smile and close my eyes before nodding.

"I sleep like a baby when you're next to me." I tell him. The nightmare are slowly beginning to become less frequent and for that I'll always be grateful. Jake chuckles quietly in response before climbing out of bed.

"You should get dressed Muffin, we've got stuff to do today." He tells me firmly, pulling a clean white shirt over his head. I'm slightly disappointed at the sight of his clothes, I prefer the shirtless bedhead look on him.

"Can I at least know where we're going?" I ask him, feeling slightly nervous from his mysterious act.

"You'll soon see." Jake replies, not giving away any clues. He walks over to his wardrobe and I roll my eyes at his back before jumping off the bed and heading for his bedroom door. I pull it open and step out in to the hallway, coming face to face with Tobias.

"Hey," I say quietly noticing how his eyes are roaming down my body disapprovingly. I quickly tug on Jake's shirt self consciously knowing exactly how this must look to him. Tobias barely glances at me before scoffing and walking away. God, what is his problem?


"Jake, can you slow down? I'm not an olympian athlete." I mutter in his direction, jogging to try and keep up. He comes to a slow walk, turning to give me an apologetic look.

"Sorry, I'm a little on edge."

"A little?" I question, my eyebrow raised as I glance around at our surroundings. We drove for around twenty minutes and the buildings around here don't resemble the ones I see daily. Half of them are closed up, boarded with wood and cardboard to stop anyone from entering. The streets are littered with rubbish, glass bottles and its so deserted, I haven't seen a single other human being.

"Can you at least tell me where we're going? I don't like surprises." I ask him firmly, reaching out to take hold of his arm. He pauses and turns around, blue eyes darkening with worry. I begin to chew nervously on my bottom lip, noticing how rigid his body is and how he keeps checking over his shoulder every minute.

"Are we being followed?" I say quietly, glancing around the empty streets. Jake shakes his head, peering down at his watch before sighing.

"No, I'm checking to make sure it stays like that. Emily, you need to listen to me carefully, okay?"

I nod my head, looking up into his blue eyes to show him I'm listening. Once he's satisfied with my level of interest, he speaks again —

"Where I'm about to take you is not a game. Don't speak unless you're spoken to and be very careful what you say. Let me do all of the talking if possible, okay?" Jake says firmly. A thousand and one questions whirl through my mind but I'm so confused, I simply nod back in response.

His hand finds mine and he intertwines our fingers together before squeezing. The small sign of affection causes my anxiety to subside slightly and I smile up at him tightly, my stomach a ball of nerves.

"Okay, let's carry on. We're almost there." Jake murmurs. I nod again, resembling a robot and both of us begin walking. We turn the corner and head for the metal staircase placed at the side of a large building. When Jake begins to climb them, I stumble slightly and his hand shoots out, steadying me. We don't speak another word until we're at the top. I peer over the edge, grimacing at the distance to the floor.

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