At Elly’s House,

Louis was seating on a sofa facin the fire place and holding ‘Boo Bear’ and just lookingat it, and then suddenly Elly saw him and grabbed a cup of hot chocolate drink to serve him

“Hi Love?” said Elly and Louis looked at her

“Oh hello Love...” and Elly put the drink on the table and sit beside him and slide his arms to Louis shoulders and hugged him and kiss him on the cheek

“Are you ok Love?” asked Elly

“Hmm... Yeah... Why?” and hold Ellys arms

“Can I ask you something? But I want a honest answer...” said Elly

“Ah? O-Ok? Go for it? What is it?” said Louis

“Do you love (y/n)? YES? or NOT?” asked Elly

“What kind of a question is that? It’s NO...” said Louis a lie

“*smiled* I know everything Love... From her to you...” said Elly 

“What do you mean?” asked Louis

“I know that you have a secret crush on her... Back to our Prom night, the way she really cares about you and as I look into her eyes... there is something shinning and sparkling in her eyes when I cheated on you that time, she really loves you no matter who you are or what you are?” said Elly and looked at him “After the prom night she just vanished at the school without any reasons, then you came and talked to me because of her... you’re really mad because I lied and you got mad at her that time... Then Jack came and talked to me...” said Elly

“Jack? So it means you knew each other already?” asked Louis

“*smiled* yeah, sorry for pretending that I don’t know him... he told me everything that he likes (y/n), he said that ‘He’ll do everything just to make (y/n) happy even though it is hurting him so much... in pain’ that’s why he’s there always for (y/n) when you’re not around” said Elly “Now I’m giving you the chance ‘coz I don’t wanna see my Love is going to marry me tomorrow-..”

Elly stop talking when Louis hugged him and said

“Please don’t make me do this... I’ll still going to marry you tomorrow... Deal is a Deal!” said Louis

“But? How about (y/n)? She’s the one for you not me?” asked Elly

“I don’t know...” Louis replied the Elly turns around and kissed Louis on his forehead and said

“Don’t worry Love... I’ll see you tomorrow... Can't wait!” said Elly and left Louis.

In your house,

*Flashback – Louis hugs you and kissed you*

“It’s time to let go now (y/n)...” you whispered it to yourself and looking at the photo of you with Louis [High school Picture] “You mean a lot for me Lou, and thanks for everything... Not because of you I’m not who I am now... and also to your Friends glad that I met them... and Jack...” teardrop fell on the photo and you whipped it “Why am I emotional when it comes to Louis?”


“Hello dear?” you mom on the door

“Oh mom? Come in?” you said

“Is everything alright?” your mom asked

“*sniff* yes...” you nod

“shh... stop crying dear?” as she hugs you “I know it really hurts to let go when you see your love going to marry with another woman...” you mom said

“*sniff* Mom are you really trying to hurt me so much?” you asked while smiling “I’m trying to let him go now...”

“Ok dear... Sorry...” your mom said

"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!