Ch. 48

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Today, I'm going to the studio with the boys. They need to finish writing and recording songs.

"Babe, you ready?" Luke comes up from behind me.

"Yes." We all go to the studio.

Once we get there, the boys all lounger around. Luke and Michael have their guitars in hand. Calum was playing around with his bass. Ashton was banging on his drums.

To be honest, I've always loved watching the boys play. I love watching Luke especially. He's so good at it. He's also so passionate about his music, they all are. Luke was currently playing on his lounge chair. I look on, watching his every move carefully. I was sitting on the couch.

"Stop staring!" Luke laughs at me.

"Why?" I laughed.

"You're making me mess up, that's why." Luke glares at me.

"I'm sorry but I can't help myself. You look really hot right now."

"I think I'm gonna throw up" Calum said.

"Shut up, Cal!" I giggled.

He shuts up and continues to play his bass.

"Come here," Luke says suddenly.

I do as he says and walk over to him.

"Sit," he pats the spot between his legs.

I sit between his legs and he pulls me back into his chest. This was a really comfortable position, I'm not gonna lie.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna teach you how to play" he said.

He takes his guitar and places it in my hands. I turn my head and smile at him. He smiles back at me. His arms wrapped around my body and he showed me where my fingers need to go. I play the note.

"That's A," he told me.

I blush softly.

"That's good," he encouraged me.

I blush again and he kisses me.

"Aww you two are so cute." Calum looks over at us in awe.

"What happened to you throwing up?" Luke asks him.

"It passed, don't worry" Cal replies.

"Good to know."

"Luke, why don't you play guitar with me like that?" Michael pouted.

"Because you're not my beautiful girlfriend" Luke says.

I blush for the third time today.

"That hurt, Luke." Michael looks away from us and we laugh at him.

(The next day)

Today, Luke and I are going dress shopping. We just recently got invited to my Aunt's wedding. So I need a new dress to wear, since I'm pregnant.

"It's time to wake up." I was straddling my boyfriend's back.

I lean down and place a kiss on the back of his neck. He starts to move around a little.

"A few more minutes, babe." He turns over slightly and groaned.

"Come on, we have to go dress shopping."

He opens his bright blue eyes and looks up at me. His hands now placed on my thighs securely.

"Morning, beautiful." He leans up and kisses me softly.

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