On the road, while Louis's driving...

“What is wrong with you?!” said Louis

“I’m just concern about you Babe?” Elly’s crying

“*sighs* Why did you slap her? She didn’t do anything to you?! And I'm fine!” he said

“It was her fault that’s why your gone last night?!” said Elly

“No it’s not her fault?! I was the one who followed her outside...” said Louis and park Elly’s car at the side of the road and step out off the car and scream “Aaaaahhhh?! Arrrgh!” as he walk from left to right and sit down to tamed his self and Elly was just crying inside of the car and then “tss... Ok now calm down?” said Louis and went to Elly open her door and hugged her “Don’t do it again... You know (y/n) is very precious to me... sorry I got mad at you... forgive me Ok?” he said

“*sniff* I’m sorry I just got jealous ‘coz all night you’re with her... trapped on the elevator... Can I know what happen there? Please?” she said

“Aaaa? Ahmmm... We just wait all night and until someone will rescue us... since the Elevator was broken... and I wasn't able to bring her out” said Louis

“So why did you follow her?” she asked

“Ahmm... Aaah... I just want to talk to her because it’s been months that she wasn’t talking to me and even meet...” he said honestly

“Ok... I’m good now... I want to go home now... Come inside now?” she said and kissed Louis’s lips.

At Liam’s crib [house],

Niall serving a hot chocolate drink to everyone,

“So what happen back there (y/n)?” asked Jack

“Yeah? What happen back there?” asked Harry

“Hmm... I smell something fishy around here?!” said Zayn and chuckles and then you explained everything that you’re with Louis trapped on the elevator.

“He kissed you?!” they said together and you were surprised

“Yeah... and he told me that he has feelings already for me since we were on High school...” you said

“I knew it!” said Harry and everybody looks at him

“W-Why? Am I the only one here who just knew it?” he asked

“Ahmm... We already knew it... Louis told us...” said Zayn

“What!” Harry said

“Louis will never gonna tell you that... ‘coz your mouth won’t stop spreading his secrets...” said Niall smiling

“Oh man?! But it's fine! At least!” said Harry and everybody laughs

“See I told you? Time can tell?” said Jack

“huh?” you said 

“I knew that Louis followed you when you left and go for the C.R. *smiled* I’m glad that you and Louis are back together [Best Friends] and level up this time... Ehem...” said Jack

“But we’re on a relationship right? your not jealous or something?” you said

“Tss... I was just testing you (y/n)... even though you answered me a ‘Yes’ I can still feel it that you still have feelings for Louis... remember I'm your #1 supportive friend here for Lou!” said Jack “Did I told you that, If ever my Love one will be happy to or into something I’ll support her... That’s what Love is?” as he drinks his chocolate

“Thanks for being there Jack...” you thanked him and smiled.

"No problem sweetie..." said Jack

“So what will happen next? Louis and Elly are getting married tomorrow?” asked Harry

“Yeah?! How can we stop him or her?” asked Niall

“Are you guys stupid? They already settled everything... The venue, Food and guests... We’re too late already... There's nothing we can do about it anymore” said Liam

“And you can’t cancel the wedding by yourself *pointing at Harry* or you *pointing at Niall*” said Zayn

“Let them be... Louis can handle it...” said Jack

“Are you sure?” Harry asked

“Nope! Ha ha ha... But I trsut him?!” said Jack

“It’s fine that Elly and Louis are getting married tomorrow... At least I’m free now, that I knew everything that Louis has feelings for me and I also confessed my feelings for him too... and spend the rest of that night with him...” you said

“Woahw? Are you sure (y/n)?” Liam asked you

“Yep... Everything was planned already and settled... Many visitors will come tomorrow and there’s nothing we can do for it... but accept everything... and I'm satisfied already” you said.


"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!