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Dabi 6'4

Hawks 6'0

Bakugou 4'11

Bakugou POV:

I slowly opened my eyes everything was very blurry, I saw a window and the outside was moving? I rub my eyes to wake my self up more and get rid of the blur and that's when I realized I was in a car?

But I wasn't facing the correct way I was facing the car seat I look down and I was in a car seat for baby's. There was a strap going over my shoulders and one between my legs connecting at my stomach area. I tried to unbuckle it but nothing and for some reason my quirk wasn't working

'Who ever put me in this is gonna pay' I thought why'll trying to turn my head to see who is driving but I can't

"Hey! Who are you!?" I yell angrily

"Shh calm down we'll be home soon" I hear the mystery guy say from the passenger seat

"Let me go what do you want from me!?" I yell ignoring the man

"Give him this also you should probably be back there with him to keep him calm and hopefully not so scared" I hear another voice say who I guess is the driver

"Do not fucking touch me!" I yell and then the mystery guy climbed in the back

"Hawks!?" I yell shocked

"Yep it's be baby bird now can you promise to be calm for me so I don't have to give you a shot?" He asks, I nod my head slowly being completely confused

"Good now let me explain" he says I raise my brow

"Me and daddy-" I cut him off

"Daddy- no! Let me out!" I yell struggling again

"Please let me explain or do you want the needle?" He says I stop and glare at him

"Go on." I say crossing my arms

"As I was saying we wanted to have a little just like how all might has deku as his,mirio has her so does mount lady and we'll you get the point, and-..well we wanted you" he says with a nervous smile

"I'm lost- also what do you mean deku is all mights little!" I say angry

"Ok so a little is someone who acts like a well baby to cope and it helps with stress and deku is allmights and allmight is his daddy just like as dabi is yours-" I cut him off again

"DABI!?" I yell shocked and realize he is the mystery driver

"Hey hunny" I hear him say

"Please hawks let me go and wait- are you working with villains!? oh my god" I say freaking out

"Deep breaths love" I hear dabi say

"To answer your questions no I'm still a hero and me and dabi are dating and me and him are your daddies" hawks explains I sit back in the car seat in shock

"Please.. let me go" I try with the puppy eyes

"Aw no can do sugar cube" he says I huff and glare at him again

After a few minutes of me glaring at hawks as he just smiles and coos at me the car finally stops

"We're here" I hear dabi says getting out of the car, hawks opens the door a unclips me from the car seat and picks me up on his hip. He brings me inside the house and I see baby stuff everywhere

"Could you get him ready so I can prepare dinner?" Hawks asks passing me to dabi

"Of course babe" he says and gives hawks a quick peck

"Bleh" I say sticking my tongue out

"Aw when you get older you'll kiss your partner too" dabi says I huff

"I am "older" I say he smiles and kisses my cheek I quickly wipe it off, dabi takes me to a fucking nursery and lays me on a table of some sort

"Be still" he tells me in a scary tone I make a 'tch' sound, he started to take my clothes off I freaked out

"Hey what are you doing!" I yelled embarrassed he looked at me amused and got out clothes and a mother fucking pull up

"No no no!" I yell

"Yes yes yes" he cooed and tickled my stomach then continued to change me as I squirmed into the pull up and light blue fluffy onesie that had cat ears and a tail

"Awe my precious baby" He cooed some more I glared at him as he picked me up

"Let's get you some food in your tummy and show your dads your new cute outfit" he said and taked me to the kitchen and set me in a high chair

"Awwwww you look adorableeeeeee" hawks said like a fan girl I just rolled my eyes

"No I don't" I grumbled he kissed my cheek

"Ew" I said and he did it again and then set a plate of mac and cheese

"Eat up then it's bedtime for you" he cooed I ate it just wanting to sleep and hopefully if I'm lucky enough I won't wake up

"Good boy!" Hawks cooed and took my empty bowl and dabi picked me up again

"Bedtime little one!" He cheered and they both took me to the room and tucked me in

"We love you I hope you can love us too" hawks says and kissed my forehead

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