The Betrayal

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Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Okay that's an exaggeration but you're not sure how long you've been in the darkness. There's been no noise from any of the boys.

You've began counting the dinners they bring you. As far as you know,'tonight would be number twenty. Meaning you've been here for at least 21 to 22 days maybe even 23 days but that's pushing it.

You wondered how your parents were doing and what they'd be thinking right about now. You hates that you and your father argued in the hours before you were taken.

You miss Felix and his cocky jokes. Even though he's shown his feelings for you, you miss just having him around and Seena. Seena is like a sister to you and you only hope that she was okay in this mess.

"Wait..." you say to yourself in the darkness... "They said they were Tula's cousin.... Does that mean—"

Suddenly the basement door opens to remove you from your thoughts. A woman with bouncy brown curls walks in as the lights cut on.

Slightly blinded you wince before their figure becomes clear to you.

"T—Tula?" You say surprised

She only smiles and snaps her fingers. In an instant her body begins to morph and now the tired figure appeared in front of you.

"M—Mama?" You say worriedly

"I feel awful that I lied but, it'll all make sense soon. Boys!" She calls as seven men, the men who at one point leaned everything to you.

"Yes mother?" Jin asked

You noted how weak they looked. Especially Jimin and Taehyung.

"Jin and Yoongi, bathe her. Jungkook and Hoseok gather my supplies. Namjoon, dress her and my babies, Taehyung and Jimin?"

"Yes mother?" They answer softly

"Will you do the honors of knocking her out?"

"Yes mother." Jimin says

"May I ask—w-why mother?"

The room tenses up and you can tell but Mama only rolls her shoulders and smiles.

"I will let this go because you're weak. You know not to question me Taehyung."

He nods.

"But, you're all getting weaker sooner than I thought you would... so we're going to need to... speed up the ceremony."

She stands and exits the room as the men begin to walk towards you.

You try your hardest not to show your fear. But as Taehyung holds your arms and Jimin grabs a cloth, you begin to squirm.

"Stop Ara, please just let us—"

"No!" You yell as you kick but before long someone is holding your legs

"Jimin hurry up!" Yoongi seethes

Jimin hesitantly places the cloth on your face and suddenly you stop fighting. Your body becomes limp and you black out.


Detective Walker paces near his desk. It's been a couple weeks since he's had a lead. At this point, they're positive that it's The Suits that have you. Yet no one believes that he and Luther are telling the truth.

An hour ago, Luther went down to the evidence locker. Why? Because the books are kept down there. What books? The payroll books.

Luther has a hunch that the reasoning for no one else involving themselves in the case is because The Suits are funding something for the police station.

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