21 - Injured

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Luke (Age 9):

You were in gym class and playing kickball. Generally, you were pretty good at sports, but kickball tended to be a weak spot for you. Your team was in the outfield and so far, you hadn't done much. The ball was always in the range of one of the athletic boys so you just let it slide.You had done a few rotations and by the third time you were in the outfiels, you were getting more into playing and actually participating. A ball had been kicked and since you were standing pretty far back, it came straight for you. Before you could react, the ball hit you straight in the nose.

You went to the nurse and stared in the mirror at your black, blue, and purple nose, starting to cry. The nurse called Luke  but he was in a meeting so Calum came to school. He rushed into the nurse's office, putting you in his lap and calmly explaining that you were going to the hospital to get it checked out. You cried during the entire car ride and didn't stop when you got to the hospital. They told you that your nose was broken and that you needed to go home and rest.

You got home and Calum let you cry it out, putting ice on your nose as he held you. after you had calmed down, Calum texted Luke and told him what happened. 'Hey, mate. Y/N got hit in the nose with a kickball. The nose is broken and she's an emotional mess but she'll be fine. We have ice on it and I'll tell you everything else the hospital said when you come home.' Luke came home immediately and cuddled you, trying to help you forget about the pain. Later that night when you fell asleep, he didn't have the heart to move you so he fell asleep with you, keeping you safe.

Ashton (Age 15):

About a week ago, you sprained your ankle in a marching band accident. (A/N: This happened to me 😅 I fell down a hill with my tuba on my body... Anyways...) You couldn't move from the couch without help but Ashton has been really good to you. As soon as you needed something, he was there getting it for you be it more ice, another pillow, or food. But today, he had to go help a band he was helping to produce at the studio. He called Michael and he was over within 20 minutes.

Michael came in and sat with you in the living room, getting you what you needed. You were laying on the couch and everything was fine, until you accidentally hit your ankle with your other foot. You started crying hysterically from pain and Michael immediately ran to your side. "What happened, Y/N?" "I hit m-my f-foot, M-Mikey," you cried, clutching onto his shirt. "I'm so sorry, sweetheart. But, you're gonna be okay. The pain is gonna go away, okay? Come here," he said, putting you into his lap. You clung to him, crying so hard. "Babe, you've gotta calm down. You're gonna make yourself sick." You started to even your breathing and managed to calm down.

"Mikey, it hurts so bad," you whimpered, still clinging to Michael like he was your last hope. "You're okay, you should try and sleep a little bit, okay? When you wake up, it won't hurt anymore, I promise." You nodded and drifted off in Michael's lap. You woke up and Ashton had replaced Michael. "Hey, baby girl, how are you feeling?" "Better, how was work?" "Pretty good, I just feel bad for leaving you." "It's okay, Ash. You're here now and that's what matters." You rested against him and enojyed the rest of the day with your brother.

Calum (Age 12):

You were carpooling with a few friends home from school and everything was going great until the car got t-boned. Your side of the car caved in and you could have sworn that you heard something snap. Your breathing quickened and tears began streaming down her face. "Y/N, I need you to stay calm, okay? Help is on the way and so is Ashton. You're gonna be okay," Y/F/M/N said. You nodded and tried to even your breathing. Soon, you were being pulled from the car and put into an ambulance.

The ride to the hospital was longer than you would've liked, but overall, it wasn't very long. You felt someone grab your hand as you were brought into the new building. You opened your eyes to see that Ashton was there. "Ash? Where's Cal?" "He's with Mali right now. He's coming as soon as he can, okay? I'm here for you right now." You nodded and squeezed his hand, really appreciating the fact that he was here for you. Ashton talked to the doctor and then came to tell you the news. "Y/N, the doctor said your leg is broken. They are gonna give you a cast and some crutches. I'll take you back to my house and we can relax until Cal can come get you, okay?" You nodded and laid back in the hospital bed.

After you got your cast put on, Ashton carried you bridal style to the car and set you up on his couch in his home. He stayed with you for the entire day and played games, helped you with your homework, and watched movies. You were asleep by the time Calum came back but he thanked Ashton and took you home. "Cal?" You slowly opened your eyes to see your brother smiling next to you. "Yeah, babe, I'm here. I'm so sorry that I couldn't be there earlier. We're gonna get you fixed up as soon as possible!" He kissed your head and sat next to you, doodling on your now purple leg.

Michael (Age 6):

You were doing very well at gymnastics, landing your flips and keeping yourself up on the balance beam. You had practice today and Michael and Luke brought you so they could check out your craft. You were in your hot pink leotard and were getting ready to go on the balance beam. You saw Michael whisper something to Luke and then leave. That must have thrown you off because as soon as you stepped on the beam, you fell off and landed on your arm.

Luke immediately jumped up and ran over to you, picking up your shaking body and running to the car, needing to get you in the hospital. "Lukey, where's M-Mikey?" "I don't know, baby, but you're okay. We're gonna fix your arm and you'll be good as new," Luke said, kissing your head. You cried the whole way to the hospital, clutching your arm. You got into the hospital and they figured out your arm was broken. They put on your cast and you cried more than Luke thought was possible for someone your size. Finally, it was all over and Luke took you to his house.

He was the first to draw on your cast and he cuddled you all night. "Can I see Mikey?" Luke pulled out his phone and called Michael.
L: "Hey, Mike, where are you?"
M: "I'm so sorry, Luke. Mum said there was a family emergency and I had to come home. Is Y/N okay?"
Y/N: "Mikey, I got hurt."
M: "What happened?!"
Y/N: "I fell off the balance beam when you left."
M: "Babe, I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Is Luke taking good care of you?"
Y/N: "Yeah. You gotta sign my cast on my arm!"
M: "I will, Y/N, I promise! I want you to stay at Luke's okay? I'll come get you in the morning. I love you, sweets."
Y/N: "Love you, too, Mikey."


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