Truth or dare? ziam oneshot.

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The boys sat lazily around the flat. It was boring. Niall became so bored that he thought of an idea. " hey guys you wanna play truth or dare?" He asked. The boys thought it was a good idea so they said yes. They gathered into a circle.

"Who's gunna go first?" Asked Liam. The boys sat there and no one replied.

Niall smiled. " I guess I'll go first." He scanned the circle thinking of who to choose. He rubbed his chin. "Hmmm who am I gunna pick first?" He asked.

"Oh for gods sake niall pick someone!" Louis yelled.

"Okay okay calm down mate." he took a few more seconds to choose. Then he made his pick.... "Harry! " Niall chose.

"dammit" Harry whispered Under his breath.

"Truth or dare?" Niall asked grinning at the boy. Harry thought about his options carefully.

"Dare!" He explained.

"Oh manly" Louis joked. The boys all chuckled a bit. Harry stuck his tongue Out at Louis.

"Alright... I dare you to... Kiss Louis!" Niall ordered.

"Okay!" Harry said excitedly. He crawled over to Louis and wrapped his arms around his neck. The rest of the Boys watched as Harry pulled the boy into a kiss. The kiss was long and passionate. Harry ran his fingers through the boys hair.

"Ahem..." Zayn said clearing his throat. Louis pulled away from Harry.

"Harry I said a kiss not a make out session!" Niall pulled Harry away from Louis. The boys faces flushed red. Harry got back to where he had been sitting in the beginning.

"Alright I guess it's my turn now...." Harry sneered. He looked at the boys. "Zayn truth or dare?" He asked. Zayns face shot up when he heard his name. He didn't know what to choose.

"Uhmmm..... I pick..." He trailed off a bit then finally knew what he was gunna pick. "Truth!"

"Afraid of a little dare now are we?" Harry joked.

"Shut up harry" Zayn giggled.

"Alright... Do you have a crush on someone in this room right now at this second?" He asked.

Zayns eyes widened. He had always had a thing for Liam and he had always liked him. He enjoyed the time they spent together. He enjoyed when he would be wrapped in Liam's arms when they sat on the couch, and when Liam would walk behind him and wrap his arm around zayns neck....

"Well Zayn? Do ya or don't ya?" Niall asked with his heavy Irish accent.

"Maybe....." He whispered. The rest of the boys gasped. Liam's eyes lit up for a second then went back to normal. He knew that zayn wouldn't like him. Zayn was too good for Liam anyways. He pushed the thought away and stared at zayn.

"Well who is it?! Which one of us do you like?" Louis asked excitedly.

"That wasn't in the question! Anyways I didn't even say yes! I said maybe!" Zayn said.

"Well, I did ask if you did. Maybe isn't an option, it's yes or no." Harry said running his hand through his curls.

Zayn knew he couldn't lie to the boys. "Fine... Yes I do have a crush on someone in this room, they are an amazing person and.... I really... " He stopped himself there.

"Go on" Niall said.

"No no no... I'm stopping there. My turn." He said looking over at Liam who was staring back at him.

The boys moaned. Zayn giggled and looked around the room. "Liam' truth or dare?" He asked.