Dirty Laundry (Eleanor Calder Dirty Imagine)

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I was the only one to lock up the laundry mat that night. My parents were out of town and my brother was out of sight. It was exactly midnight and I still heard a machine going. I didn't want to be mean, but I was tired and ready to go home so I walked out of the office and saw this beautiful brunette folding her clothes. I had never been attracted to another woman let alone thought about having sex with one. But her vibe was so strong I could not deny the tingle between my legs as she bent over the table folding her white load.

"Um... Excuse me miss but it is now 12:00 and sorry we're closed."

"Oh no, I still have a load in the washer and dryer." she said.

"Well I guess I should just lock up and close the blinds. That way no one else will come in. You can go out the back way with me."

"Thank you so, so much I'm so busy with work during the day I always neglect my laundry. By the way my name is Eleanor Calder."

"I'm Ali" i said. She had the softest hands. While I was shaking her hands my clit began to get wetter and wetter thinking about her soft hands caressing my breast.

As I turned to walk back into the office I heard her say, "Wow Ali you have a great ass." I felt like she was flirting but I wasn't sure. That is until she walked up behind me and rubbed it. Then I knew for sure she was flirting. Had she felt the same tension I felt when I first laid eyes on her.

"Thanks." Was all I could mumble with her hands still resting on my ass. I turned around to meet her gaze as she began to undress. I guess she sensed my nervousness because she grabbed my hand and said "Don't worry I promise you will enjoy this.

She removed my dress reveling my bear breast and black lace panties. She led me to the folding table and sat me down and began to suck soft but intensely on my erect nipples. I let out a low nervous moan.

Eleanor laid me back on the cold table witch made me shiver, that and the sensation of her warm hands on my awaiting pussy. She rubbed me softly and that made me moan louder. She kissed from my neck to my belly button and removed my panties. As she licked my clit furiously I couldn't contain myself anymore I came harder than ever before. But she didn't stop there. After lapping up my juices from my pussy and inner thigh she directed me to the dryer. I sat on top of it and leaned back as far as I could. She climbed on top of me and began to rub her pussy on mine.

Neither of us could help but moan and scream in pleasure.

"Ooh, ohhh! Rub that pussy on me Ali. Make me cum again all over your pussy baby, Yes!"

She began to rub her clit harder on mine and she slipped one finger in my pussy. "Yes oh yeah you like that baby. Uh huh. Cum for me baby." And just like that we both creamed all over the dryer.

It has been about a year since we first met. But every time my parents are away and my brother is nowhere to be found, I call her up and we do our dirty laundry.

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