**10 Years Later**

Bella's POV

I can't believe this, 11 years ago I would have cried if I were in the same building as Jacob Whitesides. Now I live in the same house as him. I am now Bella Whitesides, it took a long time for me to get used to that. We have 2 kids, Cameron is our oldest, he's 8. And Sarah's 5.

"Bella" Jacob called me over. "Yes?" "Cam needs help with his English assignment and I can't English" "okay" I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. "Wait, isn't Cam at Ben's house?" "Yeah, but I wanted an excuse to see you." "You're so w..." He cut me off bye places his soft lips on mine. Our lips moved in sinc and now it was more of a make out session.

"Ewwww" I heard. I quickly pulled away from Jacob. Cam was standing there staring at us in disgust. I just smiled, "Cam do you have any homework?" "Yeah" "well go do it then" Jacob said sarcastically.

Cam left to go upstairs, "I can't believe our 8 year old son just caught us making out" Jacob said. "If he didn't, I think we would move to the bedroom" he continued. "Ewwww, that's gross." I said. "Hey, it's true" "stop it"

I can't believe that I have two kids, an amazing husband, and the best friends. Basically everyone got married to who they were dating. Nash and Sophie are engaged and so is Shawn and Laura, but Hayes and Olivia are still dating.

Jacob and I have been through so much together, now Jacob has opened for a lot of famous people and even had his own concert in Madison Square Gardens. Sometimes I tag along and we sing duets on stage.

Everything has changed, and I keep wondering what would have happened if Nat and I weren't in Chicago? What would have happened if Trevor and I didn't bump into each other that day? What would have happened if Jacob didn't wake up from his coma? What would have happened if I didn't forgive him after I thought he cheated on me?

"Babe, are you okay, you've been zoned out for awhile" "im fine just thinking" "what are you thinking about?" "Our past, what if you didn't wake up from that coma, or I didn't forgive you?" "Bella, stop thinking of the past and think of right now, you have to live in the moment, and what happened happened for a reason. Okay babe?" "Jacob, I love you" "I love you too Bella" we had a little moment and then Sophie came downstairs, "daddy, can you read me a bed time story?" "Sure princess"

That's the story of how I met Jacob. I wouldn't have been able to find true love if it weren't for internet fandoms.


I hope y'all liked it, sorry it was kinda short but whatevs. for the last time (in this book) -bye motha truckers

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