Welcome to the Family Son

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(Yes I made this

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(Yes I made this...I was bored.)

This was if not, the most awkward tense dinner I ever had with people or monsters other than my family.

The daughters slowly ate their bundles of meat giving me occassional glances with a smirk spread across their faces. Alcina simply just stared at her goblet sloshing around the liquid. She was kind enough to provide me a plate with some fruit, a slab of animal meat, and a small pitcher of water along with a glass. Through her generosity however, I could feel a sense of dread in the air.

"How was your "bath" mister (L/N)?" Alcina spoke giving me a blank stare.

I choked on my water for a second and responded once my airway cleared up.

"I feel much more refreshed Lady Dimitrescu. Thank you for your concern on my wellbeing." I replied.

She raised an eyebrow at my words and nodded staring at her daughters. Daniela was using 3 flies to soften the tissue of the meat, Bela was twirling around her utensils, while Cassandra was doing an odd shuffle in her seat. This arose attention to herself which caused her other sisters to gently kick her under the table. Cassandra didn't flinch, but her smile turned into a nervous whistle.

Alcina rose her eyebrow at her daughter.

"Cassandra." Alcina sighed.

"Yes mother." Cassandra straightened.

"What is the matter. You seem to be unable to remain still." Alcina tilted her head.

"It's...just that we have (F/N) at the table with us." She held out a hand towards my direction.

I stopped eating and held out my hand in turn waving back.

Alcina looked back and forth at both of us. Cassandra looked at her proudly.

"Riiight." She said solemnly.

She slanted back drinking from her goblet.

"Care to explain to me why you have some certain forbidden thoughts you exploited to your siblings?" Her voice becoming more angry.

Cassandra was beginning to shuffle even more in her seat looking very troubled.

Alcina simply looked at her other daughters who held their heads down consuming their meal leaving me and Cassandra staring at each other. Her face told me clear as day.

Help me

"Lady Dimitrescu I must ask is there any entertainment available to lighten the mood by any chance." I said gleefully impaling a grape with my fork.

Alcina eyed me with curiosity and nodded. She looked at Bela.

"Bela. If you'll be so kind." She smiled.

Bela nodded phasing out of her seat to a nearby record player in the corner of the room.

I saw Cassandra smile at me then continue eating her food.

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