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【posted on 05/07/2021】

- - ┈┈∘┈˃̶༒˂̶┈∘┈┈ - -

By about 1:30am, I had said good night to Luke, Calum and Michael. By this time, Ashton had just started his shower, and I was entering zombie energy levels, so I asked Calum to tell Ashton good night from me. Calum made a sassy remark about how I could just do it since we'd be sleeping in the same bed.

Since then, I keep drifting in and out of sleep because the guys, despite claiming to be exhausted, are still awake. At 3am.

My door opens slowly, soundlessly, and a streak of light streams through the crack in the door. A few soft footsteps patter against my wooden floor, and then the light from the hall is shut out again.

A weight pulls down behind me on the bed and cool air hits my body as the covers lift slightly. I slowly open my eyes and wait out the disturbance.

I feel a quick brush of contact against my side, causing me to hold my breath at the unexpected touch.

"Shit," he whispers.

More movement and fumbling follows. What the fuck is he doing?

Once he stops moving, I shift my eyes a little, anticipating if he'll move again any time soon. Just as I'm about to thank the sun, moon and stars that he has settled, he moves again.

This actual fucker.

This time it's a quick movement. I think he switched sides, maybe?

"I know you're awake, Cherry," he says softly; just above a whisper.

I debate whether I should admit he is right, hit him for whatever dance he was just trying to do while lying down, or ignore him and pretend to be sleeping.

"Your eyes are open, genius," he whispers.


"The mirror on your vanity," he answers my thought in a whisper.

He needs to stop reading my mind.

I glance at the small round mirror on my vanity, situated opposite me. The bluish moonlight bathing my room through the flimsy curtains creates enough light for Ashton to make out my blinking.

Well, fuck.

I roll over so he can see my glare with full force of emotion.

He smiles widely at me, showing off his dimples.

"Why the hell were you fucking my bed a moment ago?" I ask with brows furrowed.

He chuckles, trying to stop himself so the guys don't know we're awake. Not that I think they would, they're still talking and doing whatever the fuck else that's making Luke cackle every so often.

"I was trying to subtly take my socks off because I forgot to before climbing in," he explains, tucking his hands under his pillow and snuggling his head in more comfortably.

"Well, how'd that work out for you?" I offer a sarcastic smile.

He returns it with a genuine smile, "Not great. I'm sorry for waking you, Cherry."

"You didn't, really. I've been trying to fall asleep properly for over an hour and a half, but you guys have been relentless. I thought you were all exhausted," I pout.

"Sorry about that. I think it's the jetlag," he says, his eyes looking tired under the faint moonlight.

"Doesn't jetlag usually mean you're exhausted?"

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