Part 18: Out With The Old, In With Hell

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Author's Note:
I uploaded, FINALLY. It took me SO long. Summer indeed makes people lazy, see you peeps... some other Sunday, not the next one.

Preston's POV

October 23rd, Tuesday - Classtime, 9:30

I'm usually laying on my desk during a certain History class, while Katherine is trying to wake me up. Well... not anymore.

The classes switched a few students around, and Ellen ended up coming to our class. Yesterday we went to celebrate during lunchtime and after school. Also, we were told that something 'good' is going to be announced today.

Ellen and Kat were both so skeptical about anything good happening. Remember, we're in the second year... in our first year we got a psychologist, and it was horrible.

That woman was and probably still is a bitch. She didn't seem really interested in anyone's issues, and didn't even listen sometimes. Because all of the students were complaining, the counselor took the action instead of the principal, and fired her.

Kinda glad that our counselor took the role our principal should do, the 'Firing role' as I call it. That's the reason I like that woman, the principal takes days to fire a single person, while she fired three people in a single day for some shit and found replacemenets immediately.

"So class, the announcement is that you will get a new school psychologist, and this time we will take immediate action if said psychologist doesn't do their job." Okay, I love this man. I may hate the subject he teaches, but I love his personality and thought process.

"I hope he isn't lying." Kat says with a sigh. "Last time I left the first session crying..."

"Mine was terrible too." Ellen says with a sad expression. "I don't want to talk about it really."

Girl, I know you don't want to. I wish my thoughts were vocal, but it all sounds so easy until you have to do it.

"I mean, I did yell at the bitch a few times and left the session earlier than anyone else." I say leaning back. Katherine just shrugs and continues chatting with Ellen about some bullshit that will be on the next test. "Did you know this guy is going to make the next test super easy for us?"

I immediately straighten my back and lean a bit foward.

"Really!?" It's as if Katherine and I are one singular person. This dates all the way back when we started talking, you know, because we were and still are sitting together.

The first year was kinda trash really, a good example would be that psychologist. That woman is a proper reincarnation of satan.

First thing that I didn't mind really is that she didn't listen to anything. You can't stand between her and her call guys or whatever you call them. The second thing is that she made all of our problems seem like some phase.

Now Kat and I basically have a similar thought process. The only difference is that she has some sort of filter, meanwhile you see someone like me who will say the most grotesque things as if they're normal. Still, we both never cross the line.

"I must say, if Preston gets a D, all hope will be lost." Katherine says, turning to glare at me. I gulp.

Is it a good time to mention that she is also some sort of demon in disguise? Study sessions with her are a nightmare... she literally makes me dream the fucking thing we were studying.

If I get a D with her help, it's obvious she's holding back as to not summon her water animals to fucking murder me.

"There's nothing you can do, the D's all stand up when I walk into the room." I say. Both of their jaws fall open, their eyes bulging out of their sockets. A grin makes it's way onto my face as I realize what I just said.

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