Chapter 10

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 Hey sleepy head wake up, we couldn't be late for our flight" Khylie said, "Okay just give me five minutes please I'm really sleepy" Bryle murmered, "I'm sleepy too, but I need to wake up early 'cause we might be late for our flight to Korea" Khylie reasoned, so Bryle stand up and went to the bathroom feeling defeated.

      After preparing they asked John and Sophia, to send them to the airport, "Bye Khylie, bye Bryle enjoy your trip" Sophia said while waving her hand, "Bye, and guard the house well okay?" Khylie said before they entered the airport, "Let's go?" Khylie said and Bryle checked in the luggage that they have while Khylie and the kids were sitting in the waiting area, after checking in they went to the main terminal and they waited for their plane to come. After half an hour their plane had arrived so they board of.

       "Hello Korea!" Bryle said after they went out of the airport, "Hey,Bryle that's enough, let's get going, so we could rest" Khylie said and they waited for the car that they rented. 

       After few minutes of driving the Collins's arrive at their hotel, "Hey Khylie, kids let's go" Bryle said as he went out of the car, to take their luggage out. "kids let's go inside we'll just wait daddy there because it's cold her" Khylie said and reached her hand to her children, "Hey Khyle, always remember that when your out with Shylie always hold her hands okay?" Khylie said, "Yes mommy I promise" Khyle said .

      After a while Bryle went inside the hotel holding their luggages in his both hands, "Bryle let's go I have the keys, were on the last floor because it's the most beautiful part of a buildng" Khylie said with a smile, "Okay" Bryle said and they went to their room. "Bryle we should take a rst first thn we'll have a walk in the nearby park okay?" Khylie said, after that they just change their clothes, so they could sleep properly.

        Khylie and Bryle was awaken by the sound of their children fighting, "No! Mommy loves me more" Shylie said, "No! Mommy loves me more because I'm older" Bryle answered back, "No! Mommy loves me more becuse I look like her" Sylie shot back, "Hey, the two of you stop, Mommy loves you both the same okay, so stop" Khylie said, "yes Mommy, we're sorry that we woke you up" the two said in unson and Khylie just nod.

       "Hey Bryle since we're awake and same as the kids why don't we go to the park now" Khylie said with a smile, "Okay I'll just change my clothes and we'll leave" Bryle said and stand up from the bed. After some few minutes Bryle, Khylie and the kids were ready.

      "Let's just walk, since the park isn't that far from here" Khylie suggested and the three nodded with agreement, while they were walking in the park, they bought lot's of stuff like, sun glasse, hair clips and toys for the kids, when all of them were tired, they decided to sit on one of the bench there. 

         "Who wants ice cream?" Bryle asked and the three raised they're hands like they were reciting on a class or something, "Okay I'll be back wait for me okay?" Bryle said before he left and went to an ice cream cart to buy Ice cream. When Bryle was back he was holding lots of food like Ice cream, hotdog, corn dogs and lots more, "Hey I thought you were just gonna buy Ice cream, but why did you bought a lot of food" Khylie asked, "Nothing, I just want to eat and be happy" Bryle said and chuckled, "Okay, but we need to finish this all okay? No left overs" Khylie commanded anf the three nodded with agreement.

           After walking in the park the Collin's decided to go back to their hotel room and rest, "Mommy, I'm tired" Khyle said upon entering the room, "Okay, let's all rest, after that let's have dinner outside" Khylie said, and the kids went to their bed so they could sleep.

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