Chapter 53

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Salaam everyone! I just wanted to say Barak Allahu Feekum for all of your kind words of support in the wake of my family member's death. May Allah swt reward you and please continue to keep him and everyone else around the world who have lost their lives in your most sincere Duaa. All of you are in mine as well, I really appreciate it <3 <3 <3

Also, can anyone guess why Hana is engaged?! I know some of you are hating on her right now and are calling her selfish and vindictive, but I assure you it is a legit (albeit slightly out of the ordinary and just a little bit weird lol) reason! (Gotta keep you hooked on those twists!) :) Stay awesome!

“Baby, can you help me with my tie?” Hisham called down the hallway, smiling as a moment later, a yawning Ilham appeared from their bedroom into the bathroom. She blinked a few times as if to clear her eyes from the sleep, before gripping his tie, and folding it expertly and quickly.

“There.” She said giving it a final pat, and he bent to kiss her, laughing as she dropped slightly in his arms.

“Sorry I woke you up hayatee. I just couldn’t do it perfectly, and as this is my first time seeing patients without Amu AbdulJabbar in the office at all, I want to look perfect.”

“No worries,” she paused to cover a large yawn, “I wanted to kiss you goodbye for luck anyways!”

“Thank you baby.” He paused to kiss her again, and she smiled before perching on the edge of the bathtub, watching as he combed his hair and began to brush his teeth.

“Did you notice the awkward tension between Hana and Houssam yesterday?”

Hisham grimaced over his toothbrush, rinsing out his mouth before nodding.

“Yeah I did. It was so weird.”

Ilham frowned, and began to swing her legs back and forth.

“Remind me again why Hana is engaged to someone else?”

“I wish I knew baby. But she didn’t tell anyone.”

“You didn’t find it odd that at first she refused and then all of a sudden she was okay with it?”

“Of course I find it odd,” he paused to spray some cologne behind his ears and on his wrists, “but you know how she is. She doesn’t open up.”

“You didn’t talk to Abdullah?”

“What am I supposed to say? ‘Why are you REALLY engaged to my sister?’ Yeah that won’t work.”

“I would.” She mumbled, and he looked at her in amusement.

“I know you would. But you aren’t right?” he asked, and when she just stared at him, he tapped her on her nose. “Right hayatee?”


“Good. Is Dawud ready? I have to leave in ten minutes.”

“Yeah he’s eating breakfast.”

“Layla doesn’t have school today?”

Ilham shook her head.

“No, the teachers have a conference.” Suddenly her eyes lit up. “Ooh! Maybe we could use Layla as a spy to find out what is going on! She already spilled the beans once!”

Hisham threw his head back and laughed, before gathering his wife into his arms, and kissing her fondly.

“You are adorable. But that was our mistake for talking in front of her. We shouldn’t do it again.”

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