[ 030 - Coaster ]

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"Look at them trailing behind," I look away from the conversation I had been having with Will to see Tommy pointing the vlogging camera in our direction. I nudge Will and wave happily to the camera as we walk through the amusement park's entrance area. It was that time of the week where we had to find something to post on the Tom Simons channel where Tommy had been planning on posting a handful of different things. We had spent some time brainstorming and I had come up with the idea of coming to an amusement park and was decently surprised when Tommy agreed to doing so. I see Will make a joking face at my little brother as he holds my face and Tommy zooms in on us again. "My name's Big Will and this is," Will lets go of my hand and runs at Tommy who almost drops the camera while he tried to run away from him. I look at Phil and we both laugh, watching the two of them run down the path with each other.

"The problem with Tommy Innit," Will says as Phil holds the camera in his hands and Will's fingers are interlocked with mine. I look at him and see that he has a grin across his face as his eyes flash from me to the camera then to Tommy who is walking ahead of us, not paying baby attention to what we are saying. "Is that he talks all the big talk and how brave he is," He goes in and Phil moves the camera to look at me as I shake my head, a small amused smile across my face as Tommy looks up as a roller coaster flies past us on the right. "But look at him." He says as Phil turns the camera to Tommy again who is busy staring up.

"Will!" I whisper shout at him for making fun of Tommy even though there is a grin across my face still. "Be nice!" I tell him with a small giggle and look over at Phil for help but he only shrugs a little, moving the camera so it's on Tommy again.

"No," Will says as Tommy turns to look at the three of us walking behind him, finally joining the conversation we are having. "He's too scared to mention, he doesn't want to do on the rides." He points out and a frown appears on Tommy's face even though we all know that it is true. He is scared of roller coasters but he isn't scared of jumping out of a plane.

"Am not," Tommy argues and we all stare at him as we keep walking. I see some of the groups of people passing glancing over at us but I think they are more confused to why we are being so loud, rather then noticing who we are which is good for us.

"You told me in the car," Will points out and Tommy looks at Phil and I for some sort of help. I glance at Phil because I have to try and keep myself from giggling at the way that Will and Tommy are staring at each other right now.

"You're too jumpy," Phil points out with a small shrug and a look of betrayal crosses Tommy's face as the camera is pointed towards him.

"I'm not jumpy." Tommy argues and I giggle as he looks at me for any sort of help. I knew that this was going to happen, mainly because he has been hyping himself up for it over the last few days.

"You're very jumpy." I agree and Tommy then goes on to tell us how strong he is as we walk down the paths. After a while of just walking around the beginning area of the park we find the place where we need to go in order to start on the opposite side of the park and work our way backwards so we end our time in the park near the exits instead of having to do weird circles to get to everything. Phil came up with the idea which is actually brilliant and Will teases Tommy as we all climb onto the sky cars so we can easily get to the other side of the park faster.

"Tommy," Will says as he sits down next to me and I point the camera at my little brother who is sitting across from me in the car with Phil at his side. "I know that you are really scared of roller coasters." He tells Tommy as his eyes travel out of the glass windows to the view of the park we can see. I give him a small smile to let him know that we are safe and Tommy nods a little, looking back at Will who is sitting at my side. I hate heights as well but I know that I am safe and I'm slowly getting over it with Tommy's help of pushing me out of a perfectly fine plane. 

"He's trembling," Phil points out as Tommy bounces his knee up and down. It was a pretty easy way to tell if he was stressed or antsy as a kid and since we are going into the air and he knows we are going to be going on coasters today.

"Tommy, why is the reason you want to hit ten million subscribers more then anything in the world?" Will asks him and Tommy makes a small face as if he was thinking. His eyes move between me and Will and I swear I see his face blush pink a little before he looks out the glass windows of our sky car. I look and see that we are extremely high over the ground and scoot a little closer to Will who places a hand on my thigh carefully.

"For the girl at college." Tommy says as he looks back at Will and my eyes light up. I grin a little as he looks from each of us and I nudge Will to keep him from teasing Tommy for the time being. I know that he will eventually tease Tommy about the girl but I had actually met.

"Oh!" I grin and lean towards Tommy who looks slightly relieved that I'm not going to tease him about the girl. "I know who you're talking about, she's rather sweet." I nod a little and Tommy's face blushes a slightly brighter color of pink.

"Yeah," He says with a small grin still across his face as he looks from Tommy then to me with his eyes shining brightly with mischief. "It's to impress a girl." Will repeats with a teasing tone and I nudge him a little more to not make him bully Tommy any more. "Do you think she would be impressed by a roller coaster?"

"I reckon she would be," I nod a little because girls like it when you try to show off sometimes. Then again there is a difference between showing off something you already have to impress a girl rather then just showing off because you can.

"Do you think you could call her?" Will asks with a grin across his face and Tommy's eyes widen. It would be cool for him to call her and have her be part of the video if she answers. I know that Tommy's fans would absolutely love that kind of content.

"Wait really?" Tommy asks as if he wasn't sure if Will was being serious or not.

"Yeah," Will nods as the sky car starts to come to an end and we start to descend. The sight is amazing but the height is miserable. "Let's find out if she likes roller coasters." He says as he stands up, offering me his hand and Phil points the camera from the two of us and then zooms in on Tommy.

"Oh Phil." Tommy says quietly and I giggle a little, stepping past him and walking down the next path to an open area. Will holds my hand in his as Tommy and Phil appear in the square a few seconds later and Tommy is typing what I assume is her number into his phone and I giggle a little as Will kisses my forehead before walking over to the two others so he can make fun of Tommy.

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