[ 020 - Midnight ]

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The house, when we arrive, is already alive with people walking around in dressed and other kinds of expensive clothes. They are all carrying drinks of all kinds around, some people with red solo cups while others have glasses of wine and I see some people with bottles of beer in their hands as they all mingle with each other. And I feel like I am already out of my comfort zone but that is ok, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to have fun and that is what I want to do tonight.

"Fair warning," Will says, taking my attention as he opens my door for me and I thank him before we start walking towards the house which looks much larger as we get closer. "My friends can be extra sometimes." He warms and I laugh a little and nod as we approach the crowds of people, Will taking my hand and starting to lead me through the crowds of people.

"I'm sure I'll be fine." I giggle a little and he gives my hand a light squeeze as we continue to make our way through the crowds. I look around and the building is actually beautiful, filled with life and laughter within the hundreds of people who were mingling with other people with grins across their faces.

The time flies by as Will and I drink happily and slowly I gain confidence with his friends. I feel even more confident in the dress as I talk with some girls that had stole me from Will. I'm not exactly sure where he went but I know that he is just as drunk, if not more, then I am. I stand around with the same girls for what must be thirty or so minutes before someone grabs my hand. I turn to see Will with a playful grin across his face and he gently pulls me through the crowds of people again once I exchange numbers with the other girls, happy that I am making some new not streamer friends.

"Hey," I say happily as we come to a stop on one of the many balconies that this house has. I had learned from one of the girls in the group that this house and all of the furniture in it had been rented out for the night which was more reasonable unless one of Will's friends was insanely rich and decided to buy it. Will smiles just as brightly and I return it easily, thinking about how we must look to people walking past in the huge sitting room.

"Hey," Will repeats as he looks down at me in my high heels with a grin across his face. "I really like your dress." He tells me and he places his hands on my sides, leaving little space between the two of us which makes me laugh a little as I look up into his eyes.

"Thank you," I say and the world around us seems to disappear. It's just us, right here, right now, not having to worry about anything or anyone. Only focused on the person who is standing inches away from us. "I guess you look nice too." I tease him even though he looks great and I place my red cup down on the railing, looking back up to Will with a smile across my face and there was a grin across his face.

"Wow," Will says with a grin across his face and we stand in silence for a moment with only the sound of the party going on around us and the cold December, almost January, air was covered by the warm feeling in my chest as I met his eyes. Then there was people slowly counting down in the house and I made glanced over my shoulder to see people were gathered around the television with large numbers plastered across it. "Will you be my New Years kiss?" Will asks me softly and I look back up at him where he has a soft smile across his face which is lit by the glowing lights around us.

"Yes," I say just as quietly with a butterflies fluttering in my chest. As the crowd in the life filled building count down the seconds I stand on my toes and he leans down, pulling me closer to his chest and kisses me right as midnight hits.

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