[ 017 - MCC ]

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I spin in my chair as my chat speeds by, saying hello to the stream and listens in on the small conversation that Tommy and I are having before he will go and start his stream. We had been talking for a while and just messing around. He was giving me tips, which I wasn't exactly sure that I should trust one hundred percent, because this was going to be my first Minecraft Championship. I had been thrown in as a last minute replacement which I was extremely excited about. I was told they had thought about throwing Ranboo in but wanted him on a team where he was with Tubbo or Tommy.

"My team is going to beat yours." Tommy tells me for the third time and I turn back to keep practicing because I didn't want to let my team down. I was hoping on making it so we could win because we already had some really good players and I wanted to help them win this months competition. Reddit had said they think that our team will do well but they think that we will only score fourth or fifth at tops and I strongly suspect that it's because I'm on the team sadly. I had been told by friends that I was doing ok though so hopefully I could prove them wrong.

"No," I laugh a little as I move to dodge the wall because I wanted to do ok at hole in the wall as it probably will show up at some point when we were playing. Plus it was Christmas themed which was really exciting in my opinion and I had some people make variations of different skins for my character that went with my teams Christmas theme. "My team will win," I tell him with a small smile and see the people in my chat going back and forwards about which team would do better overall.

"No, mine will." Tommy says with a scoff and I fix my face cam so the two of us are in the center of it. I pause what I was doing in the MCC practice lobby as I spin in my chair to face him again.

"I'm with Eret, Punz and Illumina." I remind him with a small smile because from what I have seen and heard about the three, they are really good players usually in the games. It was going to be the first time that they were with each other and my first time playing ever so it was going to be a lot of fun.

"And I'm with Techno, Wilbur and Philza Minecraft." Tommy reminds me, an identical grin appearing on his face as he recalls which of his friends he was going to be playing the game with. I swing my feet in my seat as he glances down at his phone checking the time once again because he was waiting to start his stream up.

"Not the Philza Minecraft." I mock him much like Niki would and I switch off the practice server, going to the real MCC server where a few other people were running around. It was decorated nicely for the holiday and my eyes travel out the window to the cloudy sky, wishing that it would snow for Christmas.

"Hey," Tommy groans a little and I look back over at him. A smile plays on his face as the two make eye contact with each other and I can't help but laugh a little. "Don't tease me Blake." He groans a little and I give him a small innocent smile. We both look at each other for a second but an alarm goes off on my phone which we had set earlier.

"Good luck." I tell him with a smile as he gets off of my bed and he goes to make his way out of my bedroom. He looks back at me and his face moves from a me to a camera which makes me smile a little. I swing my feet back and forwards in my chair as Tommy seems to try to decide if he was going to be nice or going to keep up his online personality. I give him a small nod which was just noticeable.

"I don't need luck," Tommy tells me with a grin across his face which I return. "I am too much of a big man." He adds with a small laugh that I roll my eyes slightly at. I pull my knees up to my chest and glance between my speeding chat and then to my little brother who had an amused look across his face.

"Ok big man Tommy Innit." I repeat what he had said with a small smile across my face that Tommy makes a face at. He then gave me a smile before opening my bedroom door, glancing down the hall. I know that Mum and Dad were already off to dinner because we were both going to be loud tonight. It was really exciting and they were happy for the two of us to be in the same huge stream. "Have fun." I tell my little brother as he looks back at me.

"You too." Tommy says with a small smile before he quickly makes his way out into the hallway. When he disappears from my view and my door closes I spin to look at my chat again which was speeding by even faster then before.

"Chat," I grin a little as I see them all putting a handful of different emotes and other phrases which seem to fly by in a rush. "You heard it here." I laugh a little and look over at Discord but see that none of my team have joined the call which we were meant to be in. "Tommy is the biggest softie ever." I say and talk to them for a few minutes, looking over the voice chats and grinning a little when I see that all of Tommy's team is in a call. I'm sure that my team wouldn't mind if I went and teased him a little bit. Plus it would be nice to talk to the other three as well. "Hey strangers!" I say happily as I join their call where they had been talking to each other.

"Blakely!" Will shouts my name, clearly happy to have me join the call and I giggle a little as his character spawns into the Minecraft lobby where I am running around just to keep my hands busy.

"Hello!" Phil greets me almost as happily and I see the chat speed up a little, starting to spam which causes so many people to get timed out.

"Blake," Techno greets me as well.

"Why?" Tommy asks with a groan and I giggle a little, pulling my knees up to my chest.

"I just wanted to say," I say through small giggles and a smile which continues to grow across my face. I giggle a little and bite my lip a little to try and keep myself sounding natural, without the giggles. "That my chat now knows that Tommy is a softie." I say and Tommy groans again and I can't help but laugh with the other two. "That's it, bye! Good luck!" I tell them both as Tommy starts to shout.

"You too Blake," Will says quickly as I hover over the leave call button. A smile quickly appears on my, brighter then before but I look down at my keyboard.

"Bye Mr Soot!" I laugh a little and leave the call to go speak to my team.

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