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"Endeavor" Midoriya hissed.
He stood up as he used his telekinesis to get rid of the dead bodies that stood before his staircase.
Eri crawled into the throne after Midoriya had stepped a little further.

Sapphire cuddled by her side.

Endeavor stared at Midoriya, fear filling his very core.
While he didn't show it, he felt like at any second he would be killed.

Midoriya walked down his stairs and stopped right at the bottom, 5-8 feet away from endeavor.

"You're a horrible person." Midoriya spat.

"Y-you're worse" endeavor replied.

"I don't abuse Eri.
You abused Shoto.
I did some digging into your past and found out you belong in prison." Midoriya said as he pulled out his phone.

(Toya back story spoilers.
If you don't wanna be spoiled, skip this part.)

"While you were a good dad at first.
Things went down hill fast.

Your first born, Toya Todoroki." Midoriya began.
Endeavor froze up, he felt like he couldn't breathe anymore.
He didn't like the mention of his "dead" son.

"You treated him well, however while it was true you didn't hurt him yourself. You forced him into becoming a hero.
His flames were stronger than yours and you saw his potential to beating all might.

Yeah, he agreed with becoming a hero but only because you filled his head with it.
Then, when you found out his quirk hurt him you abandoned him entirely.
You didn't even try explaining the dangers and try to be a proper father figure.

You told him he just couldn't do it.
You immediately started to try to get another kid to see if they won't be failed experiments.
However, fuyumi wasn't the result of that.
She's only 11 months younger.
She managed to escape your rage when she had been born with an ice quirk.

You then had Natsu, but he too had an ice quirk.

Then came little Shoto.

He had both, fire and ice.
Things went down hill from there didn't it?

When Toya saw your immediate excitement, how you viewed him as a failure and Shoto as a success when he was just a couple months old, and how you pretty much abandoned him.
He went crazy.

He decided to train on his own to prove he wasn't a failure.

And you didn't even try helping him, your wife told you he was hurting himself everyday but you just didn't care.
You were too focused on making Shoto the perfect hero.
You tried to mold him into something he didn't want to be.

When your wife tried to talk sense into you, you started to beat her.

Toya one day went crazy with his flames and ended up dying.
Then shoto's training got even more intense didn't it?

You abused your entire family just for public recognition.

Just to be called
Number 1" Midoriya hissed.

The Todorokis had told him their whole back story in it's entirety.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL OF THAT!?" Endeavor screamed.

"It's not that hard ya know.
Especially when I know 2 of your sons."

You know Natsu!? What does he have to do with this?!"

"Looks like you're still in denial huh?
Let me just show you 1 picture, and everything will fall together like puzzle pieces" Midoriya chuckled as he flipped through his phone.

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