Chapter 1- Have you heard of MI5, MI6 or MI7? Well, that was all MI8.

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(Andrea from the future here! - I'm giving this novel an edit, no huge plot lines will be changed, but I will just imporve the quality of writing in the novel! You probably won't really notice it :) But I'm just giving you a heads up!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this novel, I hope you enjoy it!

xx Andrea

"This has to be our last song of the night, guys!" Harry Styles shouts to a sold out arena.

I watch the screen intently as the boys continue their performance, when I hear a call come through on my earpiece.

I quickly touch a small flashing icon on the vast panel in front of me and answer the call.

"Zach, what is it?" I inquire, glancing up at his location on one of the numerous screens in front of my desk, tapping my black heels against the floor.

"Everything is running smoothly, the plan is all go, but are these five guys really going to be cut out for this?" Zach replies in a soft whisper that only the most state of the art earpieces could pick up, luckily, the team had them, yet I can still hear the sound of thousands of screaming girls in the arena with him coming through on the call.

I sigh, "We need them, don't worry. Are Jake, Aspen and the others in position?"

I get of of my chair whilst I wait for his reply, walking over to another panel to file a collection of important papers.

Zach eventually replies, "Yes, we are all ready and waiting, all we need is for them to perform their encore, and then it's all go."

I smile inwardly.

"Ok, good luck, I'll be seeing you soon if this goes to plan." I add, placing a collection of briefings inside of a folder.

"Ok Miss, over and out."

"Over and out." I reply and hear the click of him ending the call, leaving me in silence.

I return to my seat and continue to watch the multiple screens in front of me.

All I can do now is wait for the plan to unfold.

Harry's P.O.V

"Nobody compares to you!" I sing, my voice echoing out around the vast arena, a great end to another great concert.

The arena goes wild and I flash my signature smirk as the rest of the boys and I bow to the hysterical crowd.

"Thank you, London!" I yell out, chuckling inwardly as the crowd screams at me.

Louis grins from where he is standing alongside me, "Goodbye! And we hope we'll see you all again soon!"

Then the five of us turn and dash off the stage as the lights of the arena fade to black.

"Another day, another concert." I chuckle, pulling out my earpieces and handing my microphone over to a stage hand.

"Great job lads." Liam applauds us, as the five of us saunter into the lounge backstage to find our team, managers, band and some security waiting for us.

Our manager is quick to pounce on us.

"Ok guys, clean up fast, we have some meet and greets to go, and then we'll call it a night." She yells, we all nod as we grab towels and wipe the sweat off our faces, before throwing them into a messy, smelly pile. No time to shower now.

"I can't wait to go to bed." Zayn sighs, letting out a small yawn as he grabs a bottle of energy juice from the well stocked food table to the back of the room.

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