Training on Real People

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"Eri I got a job for you" Midoriya said.
Eri had a sleeping problem.
If she slept early, she'd always be awake at some random point in the middle of the night.
She had slept at 8 which would be the usual for a 4 year old.
However, it was now 2am.
She had gotten 6 hours of sleep which was all she needed.

Which was why she was awake.

What's the job?" She asked.
This was new, while Midoriya did know she'd be awake at night, he never actually gave her anything to do.

"So remember all that training I put you through earlier?" He asked.

"Yes?" She nodded her head.

"Well now you're going to put all of that.

Onto real people"

Her eyes widened, "really!?"


She quickly hopped out of her queen sized bed and grabbed an outfit she was waiting to get to wear.
Midoriya had gotten one of the servants to make it as Eri had decided her path as a villain.

"I'll be waiting for you outside of your room"
Midoriya said as he walked out.

The lights in the halls were all off, it was nighttime after all.
They had no reason to be on.
The only thing illuminating the halls was the moonlight that came from down the hall from the large windows that led to a balcony.

Midoriya's white eyes radiated in the darkness as he patiently waited.
He pulled out his phone and checked on everyone.

"So far no one is on this floor.
Her first target to kill will be mt.lady.

Compared to everyone else in the group, she's the weakest. The only thing that made her strong was her quirk and that doesn't work here.
Good." Midoriya thought to himself.

Eri walked out, in her villain outfit.
It was a black outfit with white and blue lining. It looked like a shirt that covered her down up to below her knees.
However, it wasn't just any shirt.
This shirt was made like Midoriya's suit, it had multiple secret compartments and it was armored.
Attached to it was a hoodie and metal mask like his.

She smiled as she pulled down her metal mask like Midoriya would.

"So what am I doing?"

So you remember the heroes I trapped in the dungeon?"


"Well they "broke out" and I want you to stop them"


"Well, you're only going to kill a couple of them.
The rest I'll deal with.
I figured, since you're already awake this would be a perfect test.
Besides, you know the palace like the back of your hand and they don't.
Besides, I have a target for you" Midoriya replied.

"Who is it?"

"Mt. Lady.
I've showed you my notes before, so you should know who she is"

"Isn't she that giant...?"

"Yes, but her only strength is being giant.
Now, there's some gear in the outfit as I already explained and your shoes are anti-gravity upon the press of a button.
She's on the 12th floor.
We're on the 20th.
You know where to go"

Eri smiled as she ran off.

Midoriya shadow traveled away.
A while back he made an interesting discovery.

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