54.1: Realization of.... Love

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Author's pov:

         As under the starry sky and the less trafficked roads, the couple drove towards their home, Aayat saw  Mahir from her peripheral view. She did realize that this meeting with Aaliyah was a really tough thing for Mahir for the reason unknown to her. But whatever it was, as she saw his face more relaxed than throughout the day, she felt calm.

Breaking the silence, Aayat finally tried asking,

Mahir looked at her as he just did,

Aayat leaned forward as she asked a little hesitantly,
"How do you feel now?"

Mahir slowed the car as they reached the lane near their home and then he again looked at her, a pleasant smile on his face as it was after years of feeling betrayed that he now completely felt at peace. The revelations that Aaliyah had done, made him feel a certain sorryness towards her and nothing else. And now that he had got his answers, he wished nothing else but guidance and happiness in her life.

But all of this wouldn't have been possible if Aayat wouldn't have convinced him to go there. If he hadn't gone there, perhaps, those questions would have always remained in his heart, agonizing him. But certainly, Aayat had come in his life as a dawn after a darkened sky.

"It went well..." he said "as someone rightly said that to let it go is all that is needed as it surely does brightens your light and broadens your heart. It makes you feel alive again."

He left a longing look at her and than looked ahead while she just kept looking at him.

Wasn't she the one who said that?
She asked herself, as she thought, if she does realises that herself, than why she doesn't do the same? Why she isn't letting it go?

Hasn't he done enough to prove her in every way possible that he loved her? She took care of her like a baby when she had almost given up will to live. He had in his own way, helped her to smile again, to live life again and to feel alive again. He had been in love with her from before she even knew. He still respects her boundaries while providing her with a shoulder to lean on whenever she feels low..

True that he had been her criminal ten years back,
But now he had became a true gentleman who was completely in love with her. Now he had became her healer.

Wasn't now the time, that she should finally let her fears go?

An abrupt halt to the car brought Aayat out of her thoughts as her conscience reached to a particular question, and it was high time for her to answer that she realized.

As far halted, Mahir turned towards her, looking at her with utmost love as she just looked back with a small smile on her face as he than said,

"Thank you."

Aayat just nodded as they then got out of the car and then walked towards the door. Finding it open already, they both entered inside.

        As they walked towards living room, they could hear the voices of Kinza and Farhan as they argued over something.

"This is it! Farhan Bhai this is the CD of our childhood I am sure. Play it."
Said Kinza, while Aayat and Mahir both were now in the hall as they said salam.

"Walaikum salam." Mahir's parents said.

"Ohhhh Bhai and Bhabhi you both have come on just the right time. Have a seat! We are playing the video of our childhood memories I had recently got it converted into CD." Kinza said excitedly.

Mahir and Aayat nodded. Aayat went and took a seat beside her mother in law as the later patted on her head while Mahir sat besides his father.

While Farhan was inserting the CD saying something in between,
"Kinza this is stupid and embarrassing!"

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