1 Kidnapped

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Friendship is the unspoken vow that you will be there for each other no matter what.

My best friend stands frozen, her eyes transfixed not on the forest, but on the man in front of her.

"Mine," he growls.

My heart pounds, and I tug on Eliza's arm. She nods, not paying me any attention.

"Come on, Eliza." I pull her arm, managing to turn her slightly.

The man steps closer, his brown eyes turning black. The three guys behind him stalk toward us as well. Well I think toward me me.

"Eliza," I plead.

Her head tilts to the side— her lips parted and her eyes wide.

I stare at her in disbelief. She never stares at a guy for more than ten seconds without laughing off her embarrassment. At this point her eyes have been glued on him for at least a minute.

I step in front of her and shield her with my arms. "Stay away from her."

The man's eyes narrow, and he growls yet again.

Eliza finally makes a movement with something other than her head. So someone finally decided to come to their senses. She pushes me aside. I wasn't expecting that.

"What did you do to her?" I yell at him.

"Mine." He grabs her and buries his face in her neck. Hell no. This is not happening.

Before I can retaliate, blood rushes to my head and the world goes upside down. I feel my glasses slide off my ears, slipping down my nose and face.

Oh and I'm staring at someone's butt.

This cannot be happening. I beat against the back of the guy who threw me over his shoulder. "Put me down now."

He laughs. "Sorry, sweetheart, we have our orders."

"Please. We won't press charges. We won't even tell the police."

The guy to my right chuckles.

In between the bounces of my head, I make out the bridge that crosses the ravine. My heart sinks to my throat. They're going to kill me. A train track stretches across the length and width of the bridge where many have fallen to their deaths. The perfect place to commit suicide they said.

Tears well in my eyes. I'm going to die and my best friend is probably going to be raped and beaten.

The guy sets me down on the train tracks. The world swirls as the blood in my body rushes now away from my head. His green eyes stare into mine. Not with warmth but with loathing.


"Excuse you?"

He cocks a gun and points it at me. "Turn around and walk until we tell you to stop."

I bite my lip to keep it from trembling and turn. The bridge seems to stretch before me endlessly—some of it blurry without my glasses.

"Walk." His voice is cold, and I know he'll shoot me whether or not obey. But still I walk, because while guns don't make the orders, people do. I'd do the same if he was holding a knife or any other weapon. I step carefully on the tracks, trying to avoid my feet getting stuck.

"Keep going."

In my mind, the bridge narrows, and the wood part of the tracks seem to shrink. My balance wavers, and I feel like if I lean only slightly I will topple over the edge.


I swallow. I'm about at the middle of the bridge. Does he want me to jump? Or are they going to use me as target practice? I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting for the gunshot or order for it.

But nothing comes.

I turn around and find the men gone. I can almost believe that they were never there—that none of this happened. But my best friend is gone as well, and I know she was with me. I can't forget her. I can't imagine then that this never happened.

I hear a train's whistle.

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Dedicated to my best friend anna_lee_98 <3

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