Part 4

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"My lord Thranduil," you struggle to keep your voice steady. You feel like an omega speaking to an alpha, and your instincts make your stance and posture submissive.
"Yes?" Thranduil's voice answers and he emerges from a shadow in his room. He glides around the rear of his bed and lopes past you to pour some wine, avoiding eye contact.
You wait until he has handed you a glass but do not take a sip, even though elvish wine is the most wondrous beverage in Middle Earth.
"What do you wish to draw my attention to?" He asks in that silky voice, bestowing so much authority, so much distinctive power. You downcast your eyes and speak.
"I have more of a concern than a request to seek your guidance over," you slowly breath out and back in. "and your blessing."
"If you want any such blessing from your king, you will make eye contact with him when you speak." Thranduil murmurs. When you tilt your chin up, the corners of his lips are curled up and his pale eyes - incredibly alike to the ones you lose yourself in every day when scouting and hunting - read the worry in your own face and make his smile more prominent.
"I feel you are about to question me the way my son did earlier," Thranduil says and turns around to top up his glass. You clench your hands tightly around the wine glass to hide the trembling.
"Don't deny yourself," he says. "I have lived over six and a half thousand years, I know from a look what people desire." He faces you again. "Only, I can not always grant it." His mouth is a thin line. Even the ghost of his smile has disappeared. Your eyes find the oaken floor again and become unfocused as you blink harshly.
"We elves are different from men." Thranduil continues in a gentle voice. "Our feelings venture deeper than theirs. Our hearts yearn for some things with desires quite unlike the possessive evil that contaminates men and makes them lust."
"I - I don't quite understand what you're getting at, my lord." You stutter, looking directly into your kings hypnotic eyes again. His beautiful voice is starting to break your heart.
"I myself, have experienced the depth of love in elves when it comes to loss. When you can no longer have something that you were quite certain was yours forever."
This time you cannot bring yourself to meet his gaze. The glass slips from your hand and shatters, red liquid exploding around your feet.

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