Chapter One: Pearce and Carlson's Non-Sequiturs

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  • Dedicated to Bethany

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This story was written a long time ago. It does not reflect my current writing style or abilities. Please do not base your writing opinion on this rough draft of my first completed novel.

While pointing out flaws or plotholes in the story is a nice gesture, it does not help me. I'm well aware there are not enough uses for a paperclip included. I know how ridiculous (and creepy) some of the things Mr. Emerson does. I'm keeping this story on wattpad for readers enjoyment but do not critique this story. It's a waste of time. Please read it with an open mind and a lighthearted attitude. Thank you

This story is dedicated to Beth. Without her, I would still be writing about dead dogs.

Chapter One

Pearce and Carlson's Non-sequiturs

The last week of school is a myriad of unfocused teenagers counting down the moments until they can be free. Girls have already begun the transition of pants to shorts (stepping toes over the dress code with each new questionable pair of daisy dukes) and boys have traded their hair gel for aviator sunglasses that reflect the sunlight and give them a sense of mystery.

Conversations buzz around me as I sit in my usual seat at the back of the classroom. Most revolving around what people are doing this summer and who is planning on dating whom. I try to block out a particularly loud exchange coming from Tracy Satty's mouth, but it seems she wants the entire class to know that she is spending the summer on her daddy's cruise ship.

"Daddy has been saying for, like, ever that I would take a cruise that I've been begging and begging to take!" Her watery blue eyes sparkle with excitement and she raises her arms, using exaggerated motions with each word. "So, finally, he bought the tickets! I am all ready for a tan and pool boys! I bet I'll see-"

But I don't get to find out exactly who Tracy will see because Mr. Emerson clears his throat at the front of the room, signaling the start of class.

At Winston Prep, there are good teachers, bad teachers, and then, there's Mr. Emerson. Six foot one, glossy windswept brown hair, just out of college, and long spidery fingers that immediately bring attention to the fact that he is unwed and a very good-looking bachelor.

Mr. Emerson is the bane of almost every girls' existance. At the beginning of the year, many girls actually cried when they found out they weren't in any of his classes.

"Today is the start of the last week of the school year." He slowly walks the length of the room, making sure to catch every person's eye in the front row. Several girls lean forward, hoping to tempt him enough to stay a few moments longer.

I look across the room and roll my eyes at my best friend Adrienna. She smirks and pretends to faint. I have to quickly cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud, although a muffled giggle escapes.

Colton Pearce turns in his chair in front of me to give me a quizzical look. I shake my head, rotating my finger to mean for him to turn around.

"Not until you agree to go out with me."

I sigh exasperatedly. Colton has been asking me out for exactly two years. And for exactly two years I have been turning him down. You would think that since he plays both basketball and football he would have other and better prospects for female attention, but he continues to waste it all on me.

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