25// Tori

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It's been a few days since we find the cameras, I basically threw up when Derek told me they found one in the bedroom, the thought of knowing that he was watching as we slept and as we made love, it turned my stomach in a way I can't even describe.

For now, we've been staying at Jack's, and I've been going to the police station most of the time when Derek and Jack are there, I just can't handle the thought of staying by myself which I hate, because I've never been this person who is scared of her own shadow, I hate that one person has made me afraid.

And the hits just keep coming, I got an earful from my dad when he found out, we had a fight then he ended up spending a night in the ER because of the stress and the toll it took on his heart, a heart that has already survived one heart-attack before.
Which is what I wanted to avoid by not telling him any of this.

Mia has been calling again, I thought she finally got the message that I never wanted to speak to her again, but clearly, she was just taking a break from being a narcissist bitch.

So yeah, if my stalker, my dad, and Lady-Voldemort weren't enough.

My boss called me this morning and said if I wasn't back in California by the end of the week, I might not have a job any longer, that they were understaffed and needed nurses, I tried to explain what was going on with the police investigation, but she just told me, to be there by Friday and then put the phone down on me.

But how the hell do I leave River-Cove? How do I leave knowing this creep will probably follow me? but more importantly, how do I leave Derek.

Honestly, I starting to see why people day-drink...I just don't know what to do about any of it anymore and I'm so tired.

Right now, the only thing holding my emotions together is Derek, his care-ness towards me, how he treats me, if I didn't have him, I just don't know how I would be right now, mentally and emotionally.

I want to tell him that I love him, but I just don't know if it's a good time. After the other night he's been more focused, more alert at things. Doing everything he can to keep me safe, along with his promise to find the other missing girls.

And every time I see him when my eyes meet his, my whole heart is busting to kiss him and tell him just how much he changed my life and that I love him with everything that I have.

The only problem is I don't feel like it's the right time too, with everything that is going on, which is another thing that sucks.

That I can't even tell the guy that I love him.

Sighing and pulled out of my thoughts just in time as my phone rings, seeing a facetime call from Grace, sliding to answer it just as her face appears.

"So why did your mom call me yesterday, crying that she's afraid for you and that someone is watching you inside your house... but more importantly why the hell I am finding this out from your mom" Grace yelled before even saying hi. Classic Grace.

"My mom has a big mouth, it's nothing. The police found cameras in Derek's house, the other night" I shrugged it off, the last thing I need is one more person worrying about.

"So the same house you've been sleeping in for weeks? And the stalker has been watching? Tori...that is not nothing, that's taking stalking to a whole new level" she argued at me. pinching the bridge of my nose, trying to avoid a headache.

"It is what it is Grace, what I am supposed to do? screaming or crying isn't going to change anything, I just need to get on with it"

"The pretty cops I left you with were meant to keep you safe, even with all my threats the dipshits can't even do that, I might have to make good on my threats.....Where did I put my taser-gun.." she mumbled the last part to herself.

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