Ch. 46

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Harnony's p.o.v|

"Ready to go, Harmony?"


Luke and I get in my car and drive to the stores. The first store we go to is a baby shop in the mall. We take a good look around the small shop.

"This is too cute!" I hold a baby shirt.

Luke looks at shirt. It said, "daddy's little princess" on it. It was the cutest thing ever.

"We should get it" Luke said.

"Okay." I put it in the shopping cart.

We continue to talk through the aisles. We also buy some shoes, dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts for our baby. We end of buying a crib too.

"Done" he said.

"Thank god."

We leave the shop and walk around the mall. A few fans walk up to us.

"Can we get a picture with you guys?" The girls ask us.

"I'm sorry girls, Harmony is exhausted. She would just like to go home."

"No, it's okay. Let the girls have a picture."

"You're the sweetest, Harmony." The girls smile at me happily.

"Anytime babes."

We take a picture with each of the girls. They walk off in happiness.

"That was nice of you" he says.

"It's the least I can do, Luke. Your fans come first and they should be able to get a picture with you. I don't want me to be the reason why they don't get to meet you."

"You're right" he replied.

He takes my hand in his and I smile at him.

"I love you" I say.

"I love you too, little one."

He then places my hand on my stomach, "and I love the other little one too."

"You're gonna be such a great dad."

"You will be a great mom to our baby, Harmony."

"Thank you."

He leans down and kisses me. I stand up on my tip toes to reach him.

After a long time in the mall, we decide to go back to mine. We get back in the car and drive home. I park the car and we get out. I unlock the front door and we go inside.

Luke and I go upstairs to my room. I place the shopping bags down on the floor. I go over to my bed and lay down. It just felt good to relax for a little bit. I turn on the tv in my room. Luke lays down next to me. I cuddle up into his side. He laughs at my sudden gesture.

"Are you feeling okay?" He asked.

"I'm just cold."

He hugs me tightly, holding me in his arms. I change the channels on my tv. I suddenly come to a stop. I see Luke and I's picture on the tv screen. I smile to myself. It was a picture of him kissing me. The other picture was of him with his hand on my growing stomach.

"The couple were looking very cozy yesterday. Luke Hemmings and his long time girlfriend, Harmony Hayes, were reportedly shopping for their baby yesterday. The two couldn't be more in love with each other. They can't even keep their hands off one another. What do you guys think? Do you ship the couple? I think they couldn't be even more cuter." The woman says on the news, making me smile.

"I ship it" Luke said.

"You barely even know what that means, Luke."

We both laughed.

"I know that I love you" he says.

"And I know that I hate you." I smirk at him.

"Very funny, Harmony."

I giggle but it soon come to a stop. He leans in and kisses me. I smile into the kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck.

"You're really good at that" I said.

"Good at what?" Luke questions playing dumb.

I laughed.

"This?" He kisses me again.

"Yes, exactly that." I laugh again.

"I love it when you laugh," Luke smiles up at me.


Luke went home and I was now left alone.

Dear diary,

Today was just so great. I feel happier than ever before! Luke does that to me. He makes me beyond happy. That's all I have to say for now. Life is great.

(Hey guys, I hope you liked this chapter. There's lots more chapters coming up. I can't wait for the things that are coming up in this fanfic.)

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