Yukine x Reader Chapter 11

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A/N: hiya peeps. I was trying to write the next chapter in my Yato x Hiyori story but I couldn't think so I'm writing this chapter early to get my mind flowing.

"Your hands are sweaty as usual." Y/N said and started laughing. 

"Yato, is she ok?" Yukine asked

"She is just fine Yukine. Now revert (Y/N)!" Yato yelled and you transformed into a person. Yukine ran up to you and hugged you.

"Not trying to be a party pooper here or anything but I need to talk to you two about a strategy." Yato said and (Y/N) and (Yukine) separated.

"Okay so what I'm thinking is that (Y/N) watches Hiyori and Yukine and I fight"
"Wait? How come after all this time you've only fought with me once." (Y/N) looked up at Yato.

"Uhhh...... Look there is Nora and Rabo. Yukine! Sekki. (Y/N) protect Hiyori. I'll use you if it's necessary." Yato started to fight.

(Y/N) picked up Hiyori and walked as far away from the battle as possible. "I hope they'll be okay." You said worriedly

Yato kept on clashing swords with Rabo. They kept on fighting for awhile. It seemed like they were getting no where. Rabo used a move which caused chunks of rock to start falling from the fighting area.

A bolder started falling from the sky. "HIYORI!" (Y/N) yelled and pushed her out of the way of a bolder.  

Yato looked over in your direction. "(Y/N)! Is everything okay."" Yukine and Yato said in unison.

"I'm f-fine just k-keep f-fighting!" (Y/N) yelled as loud as possible.

Yato and Yukine continued to fight.

(Y/N) walked Hiyori to an area where the rocks wouldn't fall on her. You turned toward Yukine and Yato. Yukine was in a bad condition he wouldn't be able to survive much longer.

Yato clashed swords with Rabo again. Yato flew into a wall. He opened his pale blue eyes. Rabo stood there, he held up his sword and swung down. "Come Yu!" He quickly blocked Rabo's attack.

(Y/n) turned into her sword form and appeared in the white room once again. Yukine was across from her, trying to bare the pain of his scrapes and bruises. 

"It'll be okay Yukine." (Y/n) smiled and he nodded. "You guys ready?" Yato asked. 

"Yeah." Yukine yelled, Yato began to run at Rabo once more.


A/N: I'm sorry that this was late :( but I'm back

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