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Present day;

It really was one hell of a shitty day.

Sarah didn’t know which way to turn. Her big mouth had landed her in trouble once more and this time the ditch she had dug her self was far too deep to crawl out off. Who would have known that an innocuous little comment from her asshole of a boss would start a firestorm that had ended up getting her fired.

She should have kept her mouth closed; Sarah lambasted herself for the thousandth time. She had dealt with Andrew's disregard for personal space many times before. Gritted her teeth and got on with it for a whole year. But something had snapped that morning. The irony was that this time his comment wasn’t even that bad to begin with. All he had said was,

“Hey honey, how is my best little worker doing?”

Granted there was that all familiar undercurrent of lechery to his every word, the seemingly innocent brush of his sweaty hand on her back, his hot breath too close to her ear, but that wasn’t something out of the ordinary, hadn’t she been dealing with similar advances from him and every other idiot for months. Hell, she had even employed her thus far successful method of counting to ten before giving him a short professional little greeting.

But somehow that wasn’t what she had done, not this time, too much work, too little pay, and a landlord champing at the bit for rent had already debilitated the camel. All she needed was a straw to break her back, that final straw came in the form of one simple little sentence.

Sarah had let rip, and how.

If she had had a skewer at that moment she would have hooked the randy little porker and set him on fire. She couldn’t even remember what she had said to him, all she remembered was standing at one end of the office with her boss in a corner of the room staring at her with fear in his beady little eyes, tiny droplets of sweat on his leathery forehead, and a telephone receiver clutched in his hand.

Next thing she knew she was being escorted none too gently from his office by two burly security guards kicking and screaming all the way down from the seventeenth floor to the front door.

Only when she stood on the cold pavement outside on a frosty London December afternoon did she blink and shut up. Standing there with the lunch hour crush of office workers milling around her like busy bees Sarah finally grasped the fact that she had just gotten herself fired right before Christmas. No pay meant No money for rent which equaled spending Christmas Eve on the street where all the homeless ended up. Unfortunately this prospective hobo had an aversion to the cold and a penchant for cleanliness, her industriously starched white shirt and meticulously clean attire were a testament to those facts.

As if on cue she saw a grubby old man sitting on cardboard next to a dog that looked much cleaner than the owner, a little plastic cup lying in front of them. Looking at the pair Sarah cringed inside, she almost ran back to her office to beg Andrew for forgiveness but something stopped her.