Mr.Erickson? Is this even alright?

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It's been quiet.

You know, ever since the health teacher died.

    Ever since the news came, all the students seemed, I don't know, sad I guess. It makes sense, I mean why wouldn't be sad about your health teacher dying. It's only been a few weeks and we're already getting a new teacher. I sighed, no other teacher was like Mrs. Sasaki. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, who the hell has the last name Sasaki. Well, if you knew that the japanese had amazingly unnormal last names, you might get it! Appearantly ever since the death, the whole school schedual screwed up. Ah, who can blame the schedual maker? The bell rang as I gathered my books for health. A sub probably was going to be there. The subs are always old, crancky and just plain annoying. The crowd thickened as I tried to shove threw and once I came by the language arts class, a girl flung herself at me. I fell. I rubbed my head and cringed a bit. "Ahhhhhhh guesseeeee whhhhaaattt!!!!!!!!" Ema screamed and faces turned to look at the two freaky girls on the ground. "What is so important that you had to knock me down?!" I asked a bit annoyed. She looked at me with such hopeful eyes, you know, those eyes that little kids do when you're about to give them a cookie. "Well, um, i heard we're having a new teacher in health! And rumor says, he's awesome and very young!" She said happily. I got up and dusted myself off. "Yeah well that just means he's a rookie and he is probably married or in a relationship with some other lady so try not to go head over heels for him if he is cute, okay? And for the record, no one can beat Mrs. Sasaki." I said leaving.

    Everyone squirmed in their seats. The new teacher was coming in and I held my breath. The rumors got to me too. The ones Ema told me. The door handle turned and dead silence set in. I could feel my own heart skip a slight beat.  Everyone then stayed still as a male figure came in. He was a rather tall man.... with very beautiful blue eyes. I held my mouth open. "Close you mouth Nyssa, you are going to start drooling!" Ema whispered as she smiled. I just made a face at her and looked back up. The young man placed his paper work on Mrs. Sasaki's old desk.  How dare that man take Mrs. Sasaki's desk. "Hello class. My name is Mr. Sean Erickson. Mr. Erickson to you . Now please, while I take attendence, please state your name and then something about you."

    Mr. Erickson smiled  a smirk. He continued with his attendence." Katie Adams." A young girl, bright bleach blonde hair and dark golden eyes stood up. She wore her pink little shirt with a skirt. Flipping her hair, she spoke." My name is  Katie Adams. I'm 16 going on 17 and I am in LOVE with learning and texting. Also love Brad Johnson! HI BRAD!"

 Bull shit she loved learning. Katie Adams was the girl every other girl was jealous about. She was rich, a skank, a heart breaker and a guy chaser. She is the head cheerleader and high school hotty. She has her own little group. There is Anna Jacobs, Jennifer Beltron,  Lindsey Willams, and Polli Parker ( LOL POLLY POCKET!)

Brad  Johnson was the head quarterback of the school. He and the football players always hit on them. It was Brad Johnson, Michael Brooks, Timothy Foster, Juan Sanchez,  and James Heburn. A player, A ginger, An asain ,A mexican and a Blondy. PERFECT MATCH.

"Bailey Bennet."

    Bailey Bennet... The loner of the school. She had pitch black hair and piercing blue eyes.  They were almost like ice. She never spoke to anyone. She never even moved. All she did was stay in her seat and draw sketchy stuff. Back in 4th grade, Bailey and Katie were best friends. Never would you think they would break apart. They did in 8th grade, when Bailey's parents died. Bailey had nothing, and Katie did nothing.

Bailey got up, hiding her face.

"Bailey Bennet. 16. Drawer."

She sat down and Mr. Erickson just check off his list.

"Ema Chambers."

Ema, with her spunkyness, got up and fiddled with her  sleeve.

    "The name is Ema Chambers. 16! I'm the one no one wants to mess with... Well maybe slightly. All I want is a cookie."

Ema smiled and then started to bite on her sleeve.

"Spit that out." I told her. All she did was nibble on it more. I smacked her.

"Garret Davidson."

    Garret Davidson. He was awesome. We was another good friend of mine. He had a crush on my uncle. Yeah, i know what your thinking. My uncle?! Yeah. He's gay.  Every Friday, he asks me to go to the mall with him and is boyfriend.

    "The name is Garret Davidson. I'm 16 and LOVE to go get a smoothie with my friends!"

Garret looked at me and smiled. I smiled back

"Psh, who let the gay in?"

Katie snoted. Ema then glared and took a piece of gum out. She chewed it slightly and placed it under Katie's shoe.

"Thats what she fucking diserves." Ema snorted.  We both highfived and then focused on Mr.Erickson..

"Aylssa Field."

    People stop getting my name wrong.... I stood up and fixed my bow in my hair.

"The name is AH-LEH-SA! Not a Alyssa.  Well anyway, I'm 15. Skipped a grade in 5th grade. I am a straight A student and love to be with my friends."

Katie  then giggled.


She got up and then relized the Gum.

"EW! " She shirked. Ema,Garret and I laughed like crazy! Who doesn't want to hear a girly girl scream like that.

"Ms. Chambers, Ms.Field and Mr.Davidson.  Do you want to stay after class?"

Mr.Erickson asked as he looked at us with a cold stare. Everyone stayed silent and got the chills. Ms.Sasaki... Why did you leave us with this guy?

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