The Past and Babying

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Part 2 of the last one shot since it was requested that he should get babied by deku

Bakugou POV:

I'm in class waiting for the teacher to arrive, I'm sitting between my two best friends but all I could think about was yesterday, it was so embarrassing! When I woke up that morning I was on dekus chest!? And then I just ran to school before he could wake up

How could I let HIM out of all people do that to me like I was some kinda of- of b-baby! Which I'm not of course I am a fully grown teen

As I was lost in my thoughts the classroom door opened and in came none other then deku. Dressed nicely wtf? Where is the teacher!?

"Hello class I am your sub!" He said smiling I sunk back into my seat

Life hates me

"Please continue your work from yesterday I'll be watching" he says and then looks at me and smirks. I can't help but blush from anger and embarrassment. We were all working and I had to use the bathroom so I walked over to the teachers desk

"Can I go to the bathroom?" I whisper to deku he smiles a sinister smile

"You need to go potty? Of course I'll come with I know you need a little help" deku says telling the WHOLE class. I'm shocked,embarrassed, and mad I wanted to kill deku. He took my hand and lead me to the bathroom I yelled and squirmed the whole way. He pulls me towards the toilet and pulls my fly down

"Wow wow wow!" I say embarrassed and try to push his hands away

"Shhh baby it's ok let daddy help you" he whispers in my ear I freeze from shock he continued to get my 'thingy' out

"Let go for me baby" he says I shake my head no, but my body betrayed me

"Good boy!" He praised me and kissed my cheek I'm just glad no one walked in. I would simply DIE, deku zipped me up and washed my hands even tho I told him I could do it my self

"Lunch is gonna start your not going with your friends for lunch. Your gonna stay with me in the class" he says sternly I groan then he picks me up

"Hey!" I yell trying to get down but it's no use

"Stop it." He says in a scary tone making me stop. He takes me back to class thankfully everyone left for lunch already, he walks to his desk and sets me on his lap and gets out a bag

"I got lunch for you" he says and takes out the food from the bag, I sigh but eat it anyway when I finished he made me lay back on his chest while he pet my hair and did work. Then the bell rand so I tried to get up but he stopped me

"You'll stay here tell we go home" he says I grumble as students come in looking at us

"Go back to what you're working on!" Deku says, he starts bouncing his knee making me sleepy

"Sleep little one" he says I listen and lay my head on his chest

Deku POV:

Young Kacchan is just too cute with his chubby cheeks, I just want to baby him forever. I thought to myself and kiss his head

Soon the day was over I picked him up and walked back to the hotel. I got some things for him that I'm excited to try

"Baby wakey wakey" I say and bounce him a little making him stir awake

"We're home now" I say he lifts his head and looks around noticing the baby stuff making his eyes widen and blush

"What the hell!?" He yells, ignore him and lay him on the bed and change him into a my little pony diaper and my hero costume onesie of course he struggled and protested the whole time

"Shhh shhh it's ok Aw I have a fussy little baby don't I? It's ok daddy's got you" I say and pick him back and walked over to the baby swing, I set him inside and let him in there for a little bit so I could finish some work

After that I brought him to a mat that was on the floor, he looked at me confused I lay him on it on his tummy

"Baby's need tummy time" I say smiling

"But I'm not a baby!" He yells frustrated tears spilling I pick him up

"Aw but you are, your my little baby and you need a daddy obviously by the way you acted in middle school, always throwing tantrums" I explain

"I'm not a baby.." he says his tears dying down

"Aw my baby wants to be such a big boy!" I cheer and pick him up bouncing him around. I sit on the bed with him on my lap facing me

"Do you do this with future me?" He asks scared I chuckle

"Of course he loves being daddy little boy" I say he glared at me

"And he loves his his other daddy" I say confusing kacchan

"What do you mean other daddy?" He asks suspicious

"My boyfriend is also his also your daddy" I say he seemed a little sad

"What's wrong?" I ask him

"I thought that maybe me and you would end up together..." he says sad

"Oh kacchan we did your also my boyfriend in the future and my baby" I say he smiles and little a cuddles into me, I pet his head cuddle him back tell he fell asleep

"I will miss you" I whispered knowing I go back tonight but I left a note for past me...

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