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I woke up to a loud groan coming from beside me. I peeked on eyes open to see Justin was sitting on the bed while holding his head in his hand.

I sat up next to him and lay a hand on his back.

"Want me to get some painkillers?" I asked him softly, he turned to me and shook his head. His head fell to my shoulder when I started rubbing his back.

"My head hurts really bad." he whined

"Of course it hurts babe." I pulled him closer and rub his back again.

"Ugh you're making me tired." he mumbled. I smiled and lay myself down bringing his half on top of me.

"It's only 4am Jay, go back to sleep." I told him soothingly. He mumbled incoherently before his breathing evened and his hand wrapped around my body under him.

I smiled and close my eyes again because I'm still tired as well.


"Yeah and and oh oh this one is hilarious.." Justin said excitedly with a big smile plastered across his face showing his cute little dimples. "One time my teacher was really mad because I wasn't serious in class. It was because I was like 'will you punish me for something i didn't do?' and he said 'of course not, Justin' so I replied 'i didn't do my homework' and he got mad and pointed a ruler at me and said to the whole class 'at the end of this ruler is an idiot' so me being the sarcastic satan i really am i said 'what end?' I was sent home and got 4 hours of detention the next day." he chuckled as he was telling me the story. I couldn't help but laugh at the story. I can totally see Justin doing that. While we were walking down the street and telling each other funny stories we looked around the store for something to buy.

"I can't believe how many things you and Jazzy have in common." I shook my head and smiled at the thought of Jazzy

"She grew up with me, what do you expect?" he chuckled

"Can you just.. imagine how she would scream at her boyfriend and-"

"Wait hold up, who says she's going to have a boyfriend?" He asked. I looked at him and gave him a 'are you serious' look.

"She can't be single for forever Justin." I rolled my eyes and he just shrugged.

"Well if she's my sister then she can." he muttered. I giggled and kissed his chubby cheek again and again and again.

"Awww you're so cute!" I said while kissing his cheek. He let out a giggled but soon stopped and his cheek turned red. "You're blushing!" I squealed and continue to kiss his cheek. Until I realized people were staring.

"Ella stop! People are staring." he chuckled then tried to push me off of him.

"Aw, that's okay. I'm just showing some love for my husband." I grinned, he cocked an eyebrow and before I could say anything else he pulled me in for a passionate kiss. We're in the middle of the street for fuck sake. I heard a few gasps but I still kiss him back.

"Now, that's called for showing some love." he winked then held my hand before we walk away like nothing happened. I giggled and blush before burying my face on to his bicep.

"I love you." He said suddenly out of nowhere. I looked up at him and stared at his perfect jawline before give a soft peck on his shoulder.

"I love you too." I told him back.

Wow, I wish it would stay like this forever. Just us being all cute together without any interruptions.

After another hour of walking we finally arrived back at home. It was nap time for both Jazzy and Jaxon so the house was really quite. Not surprising. We went to our room and watched our favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother.

"Logan called yesterday." I told him

"What did he say?" he asked curiously

"He apologized and that he wanted to see me as soon as possible." I answered

"Cool because he's coming to the vacation." Justin said

"What? How?"

"Well, how else do you think I can get the island? Logan booked them for me." Justin chuckled


"Yeah I thought you'd be happy if he comes. He called me far before he called you and he apologized to me as well so I thought why not invite him? It's a family vacation, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Thank you. For everything and for being so amazing." I rested my head on his shoulder and smiled.

"I'd do anything to keep you happy, no matter what happen. I promise."

"Pinkie promise?" I asked and held out my pinkie at him. He chuckled and linked his with mine and give it a kiss. I did the same before kissing his lips.

God please don't ever take him away from me.



I have a really bad block right now so I need you guys to send me an ideas!

And I might have another new story coming but it's undecided because I still have a lot of story to finish and to continue but here's a little preview of how my next story's going to be.

Justin Bieber is Jeremy Bieber's son or known as the CEO of Bieber Enterprise, he was only 3 years old when he first met Alexandra Vittielo, another girl from a wealthy family. She was only 2 years old when she met Justin. They become best friends until finally, they're teenagers. Everything they do, they do it together. They're finally in high school, the two of them immediately becomes the school's superstar. Good looking, money and manner they have it all. But as time flies by, Justin turned in to the school's biggest jock and Alex turned in to school's sweetheart. Their friendship continues through high school. Justin slept with every girls in their school and Alex dated a couple of guys while they were in high-school. Of course that's what happened. But what do they say? A girl and a boy can't have a friendship without feelings of more than just friends. Who is in love with who? Well guess you'll have to find out in "Luxury"

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