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2 years later

Waking up for once, it felt good feeling Jeremiah's warm body enveloping mine. His heat broke, and the flimsy comforter he had was not doing the trick.

But I was still supposed to be mad at him from last night.

We had an argument. A bad one. I was mad at him because we had been together for 3 years in total and he still didn't want to put a ring on it. In fact, he showed no signs of wanting to settle down at all.

Jeremiah was about 4 years older than me and he was obviously more mature.

We would argue a lot about certain things but in the end we'd have some bomb makeup sex and we'd put it behind us.

It was Sunday and I prepared to make breakfast before we were going to head for the road. Jeremiah was taking me to go visit his parents. We went to go visit them a couple of months ago but couldn't stay because we had to get back to work.

I had already packed my bags and was almost done with Jeremiah's.

This was my usual routine. I was a morning person and always had to wake Jeremiah up.

I finished putting a couple of polo shirts into his suitcase and proceeded to the kitchen to begin making some breakfast.

I had seen a couple of healthy alternatives on Pinterest so I decided on making our usual breakfast smoothies (I got him hooked on it too!) and some banana pancakes with turkey bacon.

I got out all my cooking ingredients and got the mailbox key.

I hurried and pulled out all the mail then got back to the room so I wouldn't burn the house down.

I jumped out of my skin, seeing Jeremiah hovered over the stove.

"Oh Good Morning. I just started the bacon." He leaned down to plant a kiss on my lips.

I grabbed onto his neck , my lips lingering on his.

I pulled away. "Come on, we have to get on the road in less than an hour if we're going to make it by tomorrow."

"After breakfast, I gotta stop to get gas and then we'll be on our way, ok?"

I flashed him a thumbs up and began sorting through the mail.

Bills, bills, tax collectors, ooh a Victoria's secret catalog!, and a letter from Hakim Williams.

Hakim Williams?! Nobody sends letters anymore!!

I looked back at Jeremiah. He was humming some song and checking his phone.

I snuck to the bedroom with the letter and opened it up.


To: Alicia

I know you are probably wondering why I decided to write you. This has been heavy on my heart for a while but I wanted to thank you. You were there for me when nobody else was. When pastor abandoned me, when Chantel cheated, you were there for me. And I appreciate you helping me recover when I was wheelchair bound. You lost lots of money with my selfish ass. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm not right. I'm not happy in my relationship. I still want you Alicia. Me and Marilyn are together and we have a daughter name June Amber and to be honest, I'm trapped. I don't want to live anymore. I'm in an unhappy relationship and this child has caused me more stress than you could imagine. But anyways, I have enclosed a check for $200,000. I know you don't need it if you're still with that money maker Kingsley guy, but I took on Marilyn's dad's company and I make millions now.

If you ever happen to find someone you love, look out for me. I will always want you.


I clutched my chest reading his last words. They had an eerie feeling to it. The words sent chills down my spine.

Regardless I pulled out the check. Sure enough, it was for $200k.

I pulled out the check, wondering what I should do. I know Jeremiah and I would be fighting again.

But honesty is the best policy.

"Breakfast is done now." Jeremiah called.

I crumpled up the letter and threw it in the garbage and slipped the check into my pocket.

I turned around to find Jeremiah behind me.

"Gosh, you scared me." I said.

"What was that?" He asked, looking in the trash bin.

"Nothing babe. Come on." I said, grabbing him by his muscular arms and leading him into the kitchen. Close one.

Something was definitely not right about that letter.



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