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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1: Baby on a Bounty

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Ashytn walked into Da Kine. She had her two year old son on her arm. "Hello?" Ashtyn said loud enough for someone to hear.

"Hey sista!" Beth said as she exited her office. "You here early. Sit... Sit..."

Ashytin sat down and put her son on her lap. "Yeah, i'm running early. His father was to come and get him so I could work but he decided not to."

"Aww... well I'm sure Big daddy won't mind if he stays here with us until we go on the bounty." Beth said as she looked at her little boy.

"Hey... can you tell Auntie Beth hi?" Ashtyn said looking down at her son who was shy and played with his fingers.

" Hi, I'm Jace Xavier Kalua." Jace said in his sweet little boy voice.

"Hello Jace." Beth said as she heard Dog walk in. "Big Daddy come here for a sec."

"Yes Dear." Dog said as he walked into the front area. "Hey Ashytin."

"Can you say Hi to Dog, Jace?"  Ash said to her little boy.

"Hi Big Dog!" Jace said jumping off of his mothers lap and running over to hi five dog.

"Ain't he a cute one!" Dog said as he picked Jace up. Just then Leland and Duane Lee came into the office. "Jace these are my boys. Leland and Duane Lee."

"Hi puppies!" Jace said with a giggle.

"What did you call me!" Leland said as he rushed over to Jace. He grabbed him from his dad's arms and picked him.

"Careful now!" Dog said as he watched his son play with little Jace.

"Id said a puppy!" Jace said giggliing as Leland held him upside down.

Leland held him upside down and ran around the room. He then walked over to Ashtyn and plopped Jace on her lap.

Jace pretend to be dead and laid there with his tongue sticking out.

Ashtyn laughed. "You are going to make him sick one of these days."

"Yeah... but he goes home with you!" Leland said as he laughed and stuck out his tongue.

Dog looked at Ashtyn. "We can leave him with Cecily? I'm sure she would watch him." Dog said as he looked at her. 'We need you on this bounty more than anything."

"I mean if she doesn't mind than... yeah that would be great." Ash said as she looked at him.

"Alright lets call her up." Dog grabbed his cell phone and put her on speaker.

"Hello." Cecily said as she answered the phone.

"C its dad. I was wondering if you would watch Jace while we go on this bounty?" Dog asked his daughter.

"Sure... should I come get him?" Cecily asked as she walked around picking a few things up. 

"I'm sure that he would be more comfortable if his mommy dropped his off. Just be ready to answer the door becuase we have to get on this bounty and fast." Dog said to C. 

"Alright love ya dad." Cecily said as she hung up. 

"Ash and Leland run home and drop Jace off with C. She said she dosen't mind him staying there for the day." Dog said as he looked down at his cell phone.  "Its the fugitives co-signer." Dog said as he left the room and went in the meeting space. 

Leland looked at Ashtyn. "Ready... we'll take my car." Leland said as he picked up Jace and walked with Ashtyn to the car.

"Dad did that on purpose didn't he?" Duane Lee said to Beth. 

"You're father thinks that they would be great together. 

"Yeah... let's hope that Leland feels the same way." Duane lee said to Beth as he walked in after his dad. 

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