His "pal"

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You woke up, chained to a wall. "(Y/N).." You heard a weak voice through blurry eyes. "A-Amy!" You whisper shouted. just then, you heard two male voices. "I want that one.." You heard a deep voice barley whisper. "I'll take that one off your hands, then we can have her. Together." You heard the voices chuckle. You saw two shadows coming towards you. Vivian was hyperventilating, Amy was about to just pass out. All of a sudden sonic EXE was in your face. "Ah, I see you have awoken (Y/N)" he breath in the crease of your neck. You turned your head to see.. Scourge?? He was eyeing Vivian like a hawk. "P-please dont t-touch me scourge!" She was cowering, because they were so tall you guys looked so short. "Hey hey little princess, don't be scared.." He said lifting her chin up with one hand, the other holding her waist. She looked so scared. "(Y/N) don't worry about him he's a pal of mine." He snickered, locking his eyes with yours. You looked away towards Vivian. "now, why don't we get those ropes off hm?" He smiled but in an evil sort of manipulating way. he got her out of the  and she fell into his chest. "T-t-thank you s-scourge." Her eyes no longer dull. "I wouldn't thank me yet " he smirked, picking her up and slamming her against the wall. "SCOURGE STOP IT!" AMY screamed. "Shut the hell up!" EXE screamed walking up to her. "EXE, why don't we teach her a lesson along with Vivian." Scourge smirked lightly biting Vivian's neck. "P-please don't do this sonic." Amy squeaked. EXE flinched, turned around and slapped her hard. "EXE STOP!! YOU ARE HURTING HER!!" You screamed. He charged towards you, "I will personally penetrate you if you don't keep your mouth shut! And if you co-operate I won't have to ask scourge for assistance." He whisper yelled in your face. "S-scourge!" Vivian yells. "Shut up little princess.. Or you get hurt." The green hedgehog growled, biting her neck roughly. Just as EXE was about to slap you, he started to change back. Scourge stopped biting Vivian and turned towards sonic. "I'm out of here.. I'll deal with you later." He smirked at Vivian leaving out the door. "(Y-Y/N)" Amy squeaked. "I-it's alright Amy." after you said this, sonic stood up like a drunken man. "A-Amy, Vivian, (Y-Y/N)" he stuttered, starting to cry. "It's alright sonic." Amy said almost as if she didn't really mean it. "I-i am so sorry guys! I can't control when he comes and goes! Pretty soon he is going to have full control.." He sighed locking eyes on all three of you. "Sonic, don't beat yourself up.. We-I know this is hard for you." Your scratchy voice cooed. "I'm gonna get you guys out." Sonic said. "I'll get Amy, you get (Y/N)." Vivian suggested since she was already out. As sonic walked up to you you had the urge to kiss him. "You shouldn't kiss him In front of Amy.. She might flip." You thought to yourself. "(Y/N) I am so sorry. I will make all of this up to you.. I promise." He whispered kissing you gently on your cheek. You and Amy were out of the ropes now. "Why don't you guys stay here, I can call the other guys too. I don't feel safe around you guys alone.." He said, his green beautiful eyes glossy. "Alright, I will call shadow." Vivian said heading back upstairs. "I will call RJ.." Amy smirked, looking up the stairs waiting for Vivian to scowl at her. "Alright thanks girls." Sonic said smiling at Amy. "No problem sonic" amy said happily skipping up the stairs.

~ 10:45PM ~
"Guys it's getting late. Let's call it a night." RJ yawned, his arm around Amy. "I agree.." Shadow nodded, Vivian fast asleep in his lap. "Thank you, for coming over tonight. You guys know where the guest bedrooms are, so get some sleep" sonic chuckled. "Goodnight" Amy shouted. She was holding RJ's hand. "Night faker" Shadow smirked, holding Vivian bridle style to bed. "Night." You and sonic said at the same time. You blushed, he just stood up and stretched. "Sonic, a-am I s-sleeping with you t-tonight?" You asked yawning still red as a tomato. "Yeah, only if you want to." He smiled. "I wouldn't mind." You said smiling. He caught you by suppose when he picked you up bridle style, you giggled he chuckled. You guys made it to the bedroom, he laid you down on the bed. "Do you need something to change into?" He asked blushing. "Y-yeah" you blushed looking away. He started to take his shirt off, you were watching contently. He smirked. "Here" he tossed his shirt over to you. "You can wear this.." He turned around so you could change. You changed into the shirt, not knowing a certain hedgehog was peaking. "Woo-wee look at that sexy little thing!" Sonic hollered playfully. You blushes madly, smirking. "Oh stop it! I'm not as sexy as you!" He smirked slowly pushing you on the bed. "But what about those curves?" He traced his hands along your waist. "And these thighs! Man! They are just so good!" He rubbed your thigh up/down. "Mhmm" was all you could say. "And these!" He dropped his forehead in your chest, almost motor boating your boobs. "Sonic!!" You giggled. "Alright alright I'm done. Let's get some sleep.." He smirked plopping in the blankets. "We'll come on now! Don't be shy" he patted the bed next to him. You blushed getting into the blankets with him. "Goodnight (Y/N).." He kissed your forehead. "Goodnight sonic." And with that you both fell asleep.

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