The Past and Spankings

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Deku 6'4

Past Bakugou 4'11

No one POV:

Deku accidentally got sent back to the past during a fight with a villain. He woke up on the street next to his old middle school

'Shit I must be back in middle school' he thought he looked at his reflection on a store glass

'Phew' he thought he was still himself and in his hero costume

"What time is it?" He mumbled to himself and looked at his watch

"So school just got out... that means kacchan just got out of school" he smirked to himself and leaned against a wall and closed my eyes waiting patiently for him to walk down with his "friends"

Deku POV:

After 15 minutes I heard familiar voices, I opened my eyes and saw him in the middle between his friends who towered over him

'Aw he's even smaller here' I thought and walked in front of them, they all stoped and looked up at me confused

"Who the hell are you getting in our fucking way!?" Kacchan yelled

'He sure was a lot worse in middle school, probably cause of those fucking friends' I thought

"You look familiar?" One of his friends said the other nodded

"Wow you can't recognize me? I'm hurt, it's me izuku midoryia also known as "deku" I said they looked shocked, I smirk at that

"No you can't be that nerd! I just saw him plus you're in a hero costume and your too tall and strong to be that loser!" Kacchan yelled, I looked down at him and smiled and bent down to his level

"That's because I'm from the future and I am a hero Kacchan~" I say the last part in Kacchans ear

"Well I got to borrow Kacchan bye!" I say happily and grab his hand gently and pull him along with me

"W-what n-no!" He yells squirming

"You know bullying me all those years wasn't cool" I say looking at him, he gulps

"I'm not mad and I forgive you...but I still think a punishment is in order" I say smiling at him

"Tch like a quirk less loser can hurt me!" He yells I can tell he's scared though

"Don't make it worse." I say in a scary tone making him grab my hand harder. I take him to a hotel I rented out and into the room

"What are you gonna do?" He asks nervously but still trying to hide it with anger. I stay quiet and take his shoes off

"Go to the corner you get 15 minutes don't turn around unless you want to be their longer." I say he nods quickly and stands in the corner facing the wall

"Good boy" I say and sit on the bed patiently

After the 15 minutes were over

"Come here." I say he quickly walks over to me

"Lay across my lap" I say he looks at me wide eyed

"N-no" he say embarrassed

"Now katsuki I'm not gonna ask again" I say he looks at the floor and walks closer slowly I pull him over

"You get 30" I say he looks at me confused

"Good boy" I say and pull him up on my lap and wipe his tears and comfort him tell he stopped crying and was asleep

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"Good boy" I say and pull him up on my lap and wipe his tears and comfort him tell he stopped crying and was asleep

'Cute...' I think and tuck him into bed

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