Murder 101

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Eri walked up to the doll, holding the knife.
She looked back at Midoriya uneasy, what did he mean by "just go all out".
It was confusing to her.

"Go on, just do whatever you think is right.
I'll correct you if you're wrong"
Midoriya said.

Eri nodded her head as she took the knife and stabbed right through plush doll.

"Hm. It would definitely kill, but you don't want them to be able to get help.
You wanna end them right then and there.
Try again"
Midoriya explained.

She stabbed the doll again, this time right where the heart would be.

"That would definitely kill them before they have time to get help.
However, stabbing a doll and a real person are 2 different things.
It won't be as easy.
Try a different method one more time before I show you my methods" Midoriya continued.

Eri nodded her head as she stabbed another spot

"Hm, stabbing there  isn't efficient at all.
Alright, my turn" Midoriya said.
He took the knife from Eri and looked at the doll.

"Usually with a knife, I do this."
Midoriya demonstrated a movement that would be fatal on the doll.

"That way there's no way they can get help and they die.
Stabbing another part of the body is fine if you want them to have a slow death, but sometimes it isn't always fatal if the victim is found in time.
So you have to strike them in a vital spot" Midoriya said.

"Where would that be?"

Midoriya then went on to explain where the vital spots would be however didn't speak in dialogue for legal reasons.

That makes more sense now" Eri said as she understood what Midoriya explained.

Now I'm going to change things up.

I'm going to use telekinesis and make the doll act human.
Remember, it'll do any natural response so be careful.
You're small, they can fight you and win" Midoriya warned as he stepped back and used his telekinesis.

Eri nodded her head as she watched the doll stand up and lean against the wall.

Eri ran up to the doll but the doll "noticed" her and "kicked" her.
Midoriya didn't actually make the doll kick her, she made the doll tap her face and send her flying using his own telekinesis.

"Huh??" Eri said in dismay.

"I told you, no real person is just going to pet themselves get stabbed.
Try again"

And so Midoriya trained Eri for the rest of the afternoon.
By the end of it she was exhausted, she could hardly keep herself standing.

Midoriya lifted her up using his telekinesis, he held onto her as she leaned on his chest and fell asleep.

"All of the top 10 heroes are out of the way.
Now all I have to do is focus on destroying potential heroes, get rid of the existing heroes, and to celebrate my success.
I'll have endeavor executed on live TV in Japan."

Midoriya decided to pay a visit to the heroes.
Eri was still with him, she was asleep on his shoulder and going to the dungeon was closer than going to her room.

"Hello, heroes" Midoriya chuckled as he walked in, shutting the door behind him.

They all froze up, not knowing what to do.
Their hands were all bound by cuffs so they couldn't really attack.

"I don't see what led you all to being so stupid to assume that you could just waltz into my territory without getting some form of punishment." He continued.

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