Royal Power

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"Are you sure it's just as easy as saying those words 5 times?" Kaminari asked doubtfully.

"I'm sure of it" nighteye replied.

After this, no one is allowed to speak of this." Hawks warned.

"We know"

They were all in their hero outfits, however they were adjusted to be more armored and protected.
Not to mention, they had false demon horns and a tail.

Act like you usually would.
We're there to find Midoriya and  the latest of the league and stop them without getting any other demons involved.

That means no attacking randoms on the street"


They all took a deep breath in and chanted, "demon realm
Demon realm
Demon realm
Demon realm....

Demon realm"

After the last syllable, a portal opened up.
They all walked in, stress beginning to overwhelm them.
They knew it was a bad idea, but at the same time a lot of them were curious.

"What's the worse that could happen?" Kaminari said as he entered last.

Midoriya was in his palace with Eri, he had already finished up attacking some of Japan a while ago.

Bakugo was also in the palace, however out of his will.
Eri had seen him as an uncle type figure and wanted to play with him.

She was in the royal garden with him and Midoriya.
Both were chilling, enjoying the weather.
Bakugo was hating every second of it though, Eri was doing random things with his spiky hair and Midoriya wasn't allowing him to do anything against it.

"Who are you!?" Royal guards shouted at the 30+ heroes and class A walked in through the portal.

They had went at the wrong time, something the dealer didn't tell them was that there was a time window In which the guards weren't guarding the portal.

Endeavor's flames turned off, they didn't work in the demon realm.

While it was true demon powers and quirks were similar, the difference was that quirks couldn't work in the demon realm while demon powers could work in either.

"Guards??" They all exclaimed as swords seized them by the throat.

"You will all comply and follow us to the Monarch.
He'll decide your punishment for you pathetic humans for crossing the boarder." The captain of the royal guards hissed.

"Monarch, that's Midoriya.
They're going to lead us right to him. That's perfect, we can attack right then and there. There are more of us than those guards and it seems to me we're stronger...
We should be able to win this" nighteye thought to himself.

More guards came in as they led the 30 heroes to the royal garden, right to Midoriya.

"Monarch!" The captain shouted.

Midoriya raised his brow as he turned his head around.
He saw the class and stared surprised.

He stood up and looked at them, "my my, what's this?
How did you all even get here?" He laughed as he stared at them.

Midoriya was in his blue and black Yakuta.

"Monarch sir, what would you like us to do with them?" The captain asked.


Imagine the terror that could reek in the human realm with you all gone.
This is great, I didn't even know I could bring humans here.
However that does explain a lot.
Throw them in the dungeon" Midoriya chuckled, his fangs baring.

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