Excuse You?

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Hannah's pov

Waking up the next mornimg was not enjoyable. I was so tired. The others said it was because Louis and I stayed up all night cause we got on a sugar rush. Yeah good times. But back to reality I am so tired and don't want to get up. I looked at my clock and it read 8:00. Ugh forget it. I rolled back over and went back to sleep. It's way to early.

11:30 :)

I woke up for the second time today. I still didn't want to get up but I know I had too. I got up and took a shower. Then I put on some pink yoga pants and a black tank top. Then I walked downstairs and made some eggs and heated up some hash browns. When that got done I put it on a plate and then went to watch the telly. When it came on I turned it to spongebob. I finished my breakfast right as the show went off. I decided that I would call Summer and see if she wanted to go some where. (S is Summer H is Hannah)

S: was up
H: nm do you maybe wanna go somewhere
S: sure i can call bekah too
H: pick me up at my house
S: sure see ya there

With that I walked upstairs to change. This time I put on some skinny jeans with decor on them a white tanktop and a hoodie.(look at that i am being all fancy). I put on some black braclets and a pair of boots. (Outfit on the side check it out.) Then I walked downstairs to wait for Summer and Bekah to get here. A few minutes later I heard a car horn and I walked outside. I got in the back of the car and we drove to the mall singing along to the radio.

When we got to the mall we went straight to Forever 21. I have no clue what the girls bought but I brought some gray skinny jeans a white flow top and some gray flats. The next shop we went to was Khols. In there I bought a pair of black skinny jeans a peach colored shirt with a black bow and some wedges. Then I bought some black and gray striped pants and a shirt that says rebel on it. After that we met up at a McDonalds in the store.

"So Hannah you and Louis whats up?" Bekah asked.

"Well nothing much." I shrugged.

"Oh yeah you two always make out yet it's nothing much." Summer said rolling her eyes.

"Whats up with you and Niall?" I quizzed as her face got bright red." And you." I pointed a finger at Bekah." Are dating Harry and didn't tell us."

"What!?" Summer said a little too loudly. I covered her mouth as people turned to face us.

"Yeah he asked me out and I said yes." Bekah shrugged. "Now back to you and Niall." She turned to face Summer.

"Well I mean we kiss and hold hands sometimes typical couple." She replied. "How bout you and Louis and don't give us that nothing much." She faced me.

"Well we use to go on a date like every week but not now I really don't know." I said honestly. And it was true. I felt like we was already drifting apart and we have only been dating for almost a month. Yeah time flys. But in those months we haven't really been on a date. What if he dosen't like me anymore?

"Hannah I can assure you thats not true." Summer said. Opps must have said that out loud.

"But it feels like we are drifting apart." I sighed.

"I see the way he looks at you he really likes you." Summer said.

"Yeah he always goes on about you to our mum and dad." Bekah backed her up.

"Maybe you should talk to him." Summer suggested.

"Yeah you're right." I said. "I will never know unless I talk to him about it."

"Ok well let get home yeah?" Bekah asked.

Home! :D

I put up my clothes up and then decided I would text Louis.

Hey. :)

I waited for him to reply. After 10 minutes he didn't reply so I decided to go make some food. I took my phone incase he texted. I got out some microwave pizza. Yeah I'm to lazy to make some actually food. Then my phone dinged.

Hey. Watcha doin' :)

Great. He texted back. And he sent a smiley face. I decided to text him back and then get my pizza.

Nothing much just making some food what bout you

I got my pizza out of the microwave without burning myself. I walked over to the couch with my phone and pizza. I set my pizza and phone down and went back to the kitchen to pour myself some milk. I walked back into the living room right as my phone went off. I turned the telly on Spongebob before checking my phone.

Cool i am just watching the telly

Oh thats cool

I texted back before starting to eat my pizza. Spongebob went on a commercial and I hated it. So I just ate my pizza and waited for it to come back on. Then Louis texted back.

yeah so what are you watching

Well he just made it akaward.

Spongebob you?

I was watching the show as it came back on when he texted back quicker than I thought he would. But when I read the next message it nearly broke my heart.

Who are you and why are you texting my boyfriend

So there you have it. You guys can thank Brownysxx for this chapter cause if it wasnt for her than I wouldnt have updated. Follow me on twitter @moutiandewxx and read my other book Is There An Escape.

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