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It had been a few days after all the drama that had taken place. Nessa was still ignoring mine and Mila's calls, which was disheartening, but I'm not going to give it anymore attention.

And this is not because I don't care for Nessa anymore. I just found that Nessa does this quite a lot. She'll be put in the hot seat, and because she can't take it she disappears for a while and then comes back to light like nothing ever happened.

It was just reoccurring, and it was starting to get old.

I love her, but I don't love how she acts when she goes through something that could've been prevented.

"Cleo! Someone's at the door!" Mila yells from her bedroom. "You can't get it? I'm writing shit down!" I yell back. For her room being way closer to the house door, she always calls me to get it, as if my room isn't down the hall from it.

"Ugh fine!" She yells, before getting up to get it.

After that I hear and someone else talking but I don't give it much thought as I continued to write in the journal.

After a minute or so, a knock sounds on more door before Vinnie walks in closing the door behind him.

He wore the biggest smile ever, which confused me but I reciprocated the action with a small smile. "And why are you so happy today." I ask, sitting crisscross on my bed.

Vinnie plops down, laying his head on my leg as he looked up to me. "I have some big news that I don't think you're ready for?" He says.

"Ooo, what is it!"

"I'm moving to Cali." He smiles.

I couldn't help but push him off of me, as I laid next to him giving him the biggest hug. "Oh my god!? How? Why?!" I freak.

"Bryce came up to me about this new house they're making called sway gaming and they are looking for tiktokers who love video games and shit so they asked me and it didn't take much considering because I said yes."

"Wait so who are you going to be living with? Like so does this mean you're apart of sway?" I questioned.

"No, No. I'm just apart of sway gaming. Only Griffin, Kio, and Quinton are going to be apart of sway gaming and then me. I don't know if anyone else is going to be apart of it but I know it's us for sure." He tells me, toying with a strand of my hair.

"That's so cool. I'm happy for you. This is going to be very life changing so just wait for all the girl you're about to have screaming your name."

"I already have a million of those on my tiktok." He smirks.

"Okay mr. cocky ass." I laugh sitting up, making him flip me off.

"Why are you sitting up, it was very comfortable laying next to you."

"Because you have a girlfriend and if she was here I don't think she'd like me laying this close to you." I say.

"Megan's not my girlfriend. She's merely a friend now for the simple fact that I like being around someone else more." He tells me. In this moment I felt my heart falter a bit. He found someone.

I should be happy for him, so why are my stupid emotions getting in the way.

"Oh. I'm happy for you!" I lie.

"Cleo. You're the someone else." He tells me, making my heart stop a bit.

"Wait- what?"

"I like you. A lot of I'm being honest. I like being around you all the time, you're all I ever find myself thinking about so... I want to work on us." He says, a small smile playing on his lips.

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