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After driving for 30 minutes we finally got out of the car and went to get something to eat from this diner. The diner was something straight out of the 60s, the old jukebox that sat at the door of the diner, the checkered floors, red decor...

It reminded me of my favorite movie grease, but just more modernized.

"You keep kicking my leg, can your short ass really not touch the ground?" He asked me.

My mouth dropped opened as I looked at him. "You bitch. I can touch the floor, I was just trying to sit crisscross." I say defensively. He looks up from the menu, smile on his face as he laughed at me and my frustration. "I'm just fucking with you. I love making you mad, you so easily fall into it." He taunts.

I go to say something but our waitress who was an older lady, came up to the table asking us if we were ready to order.

Vinnie let me order first, so I just got a burger with fries and a sprite, while he got the same thing as me. "Oh and can we add a milkshake with that? I'm thinking chocolate?" Vinnie asked the waitress.

She nods her head, writing it down on the paper before asking, "Is that two separate milkshakes? Or are we doing one with two straws?"

I was quick to shake my head, but Vinnie already got the upper hand and said, "Oh one is fine! Just two straws please." And with that, she writes that down before walking away from the table.

When he turned to me, he saw my brows furrowed but he laughed it off.

"I could've gotten my own." I argue.

"What's the fun in that when we could just share one?"

"Oh I don't know, she'll think we're in a relationship." "No she won't! We're just friends, and it's obvious. You're overthinking it." He tells me. I shake my head, looking out the window, watching as the rain hit the glass of the diner.

We sat in silence until Vinnie spoke up again:

"The rain reminds me a lot of Seattle. A nice foggy day like this and a walk in the forest sounds perfect."

"The rain reminds me of my dad. I don't know why, but I guess it's just the fact that when it would rain it would be the days he'd do laundry and I just remembered sitting at home, waiting for him to come in..." I spoke, softly.

"I would've loved to meet your dad. He sounds like he was a cool person."

"He was for sure. The best friend I could've ever asked for."

It grew quiet when I stopped talking.

I always found that when I talked about my dad, it brought me this uneasy feeling for the simple fact that I was never able to fully get over his passing. Everyone else around me just kind of moved on, my mother, my grandmother...

They would always tell me that it's okay to hurt but they never got to do it themselves. They so quickly moved on with their lives and I know it's selfish of me to ask them for some kind of emotions but I couldn't help but wonder why it was so easy for them to accept the fact that he was gone.

"Here are your burgers. One with fries and a sprite, yours with fries and a coca-cola. Your milkshake is coming right up." The waitress says, snapping me from my thoughts.

"Thank you." I say, helping her hand Vinnie his food and placing mine in front of me.

"Time to dig in."


After arguing about who gets what straw when drinking the milkshake, we finally left the diner. It was drizzling lightly while we walked around this random town in California.

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