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A light in the distance flickering continually illuminated the alleyway.  Cautious steps echoed through the emptiness. Two silhouettes collided, their slender forms connecting perfectly at the neck. One stepped back following the swift linking, and gripped the other shadow keeper's shoulders.

     "Do they know about any of it yet?" his voice had a calm smoothness to it, even though in this particular moment it was edged with apprehension. The remaining figure didn't look up right away, causing her companion to look around suspiciously.

     "Well?? Do they?" his eyes searched hers desperately.               

"No," she looked up at him finally, squinting nervously under his gaze. "At least they don't know everything."

     "Everything? Meaning....that they do know something but....it's not important enough to-"

"Meaning....that the only thing they know is that we've come in contact with each other once or twice by chance, but they can't prove anything and it's not like either of us are on their priority lists."

He closed his eyes wearily.  "Let me get this straight: they know we've met and more than once and you don't consider that....to be....risky for... either of us?" he gingerly caressed his forehead and sighed. "You really like to live on the edge, don't you?" 

She bit her lip, "Well actually no. That's not my favorite way to play the game. But it seems to always end up that way anyway." For a moment, he grinned at her, but quickly caught himself.

     "You need to be more careful." He muttered dryly. She nodded, though a little put off by his condescending tone. "If they ever found out, we would be sent away to a place neither of us wants to go."

"I know."

     "And we would never see each other ever again."

"I know that too."

     "And you need to stop being such a smart Alec."

"I--wait...um ok. Riiiight." She smiled slightly. "I'll make a mental note," she winked at him.

     "You do that," he advised unamused. Then he started to leave the alleyway in quick strides, murmuring, "If you get into any trouble, you know where to find me," then he added with a smirk, "Although, I would prefer that you didn't get into trouble at all."

She gave him a scathing look and faked a laugh. "Copy that, commander." Her companion began to walk a little faster, chuckling as he went. She stayed where she was, going over every rehearsed excuse she had ever used, trying to find a match for this particular situation. It was no use. She would just have to go back as quickly and quietly as she could so that she wouldn't have to offer an explanation at all. She looked at her shadow on the brick wall, contemplating a quicker shape. The dark began to mold her, twisting her limbs, widening her eyes, distorting her former profile. Soon, she had the beady yellow eyes and the jet black fur of a cat, kneading her claws into the wall. Without any further hesitation, she ran screeching down the alleyway, perking the ears of her recent companion. She continued to quicken her pace, jumping over garbage cans and onto rooftops, until she made it to the right window. Light was seeping out of the glass, playing dangerously with her silhouette. Any amount of time spent in the light while within the realm of shadow manipulation, should be kept minimal. She knew it and switched forms again tapping her human fingers against the glass to let herself in.

Once she was inside, she rifled through her simple wooden wardrobe, finally resting her gaze on a faded pair of grey overalls, her work uniform. Snagging the outfit, she left the open space of her quarters and changed in the only washroom on the floor of the tenement. She sighed discontentedly as she examined herself in the broken mirror. The grey overalls didn't do anything to lessen her ghostly composure and the lack of color was even more amplified by the bags under her eyes. The work she did in the factory was dirty and tedious, collecting the salvageable scrap metal taken from crash sites. Her hands were partially calloused by the rust and the grease she was constantly in contact with. Her hair was jet black, but at that moment it appeared ashy, lifeless. Sighing once again, she left the washroom and climbed out the window. It was a long walk to the Industrial Unit and the star Evura was just barely peeking over the cityscape. She would have to stay in her slower form and she wished that someone would rupture her solitude, even if only for a moment. She knew Adge would, if he could, but it was much too dangerous.