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Sure!" She smiled from underneath her mask.

Midoriya smiled and nodded his head, "alright.
Do you prefer gun or quirk?"

Eri didn't really understand the difference between using her quirk and using a gun.

"Alright then."

Midoriya continued his walk down the alleyway and made a turn into a dead end, checking if anyone was there.
Inconveniently, no one was.

So Midoriya walked out and started to search.
Eventually he found someone.

He was asleep on the wall, he had looked to be tired.

Midoriya pulled out his gun and put Eri on the ground.
He flipped the gun to safety mode.

He handed the gun to her, "alright now hold it how you think it would be held"

Eri grabbed the gun, holding it like Midoriya had been holding it.

Now we just aim and shoot, alright!"
Midoriya kneeled down beside her and held her hands, helping her aim the gun.
He flipped safety mode off.

"Alright, ready?"

She nodded her head.

"Pull the trigger"


Eri had ended up shooting the man square in the head, killing him in his sleep.
Eri's eyes widened as the negativity in the air spiked, she could feel it.
Her lips curled into a smile, "I did it!" She cheered.

Midoriya nodded his head as he flipped the gun to safety mode and took it from her.
He patted her head as he put the gun in his pocket.

"Alright, now we should return to base.
The gun is loud so I wouldn't be surprised if-"
Midoriya was cut off when a bullet whirred past his ear, hardly missing him.

He turned around alarmed and found a police force standing right there, all aiming their guns at him.
Eri began to tremble as she held onto Midoriya's leg.

"Put your hands in the air where we can see them.
If you don't comply you'll get shot.

Hold on...

Who's the girl!?" An officer exclaimed.

Midoriya slightly chuckled as he felt his anger levels rise, Eri was upset and the police were the cause.
He knew what had to be done.

"My daughter" Midoriya replied.

"That's not possible, who did you kidnap!?"

Eri held onto Midoriya tighter.
He sighed, "I didn't kidnap her.

And besides, what purpose would you have in taking her from me.
She's a demon, not a human.
Just like me.
Demons and humans have a hard time mixing, especially considering we're the main cause of negativity"

The police started to tremble, some got mad, some got scared, some got oddly jealous, and more negative emotions came in.
They heard Midoriya's voice after all.

A police officer shot at Midoriya but Midoriya stopped it using his telekinesis.
Eri began to cry..

Toying around with you all has been fun but, the party's over...

You made Eri cry.
You know what that means?"

The police officers were shaken by just the pure amount of malice in his voice...
It was bone chilling.

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