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Alessia's pov

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Alessia's pov

It has been a week.

I bonded with everyone in the family.
Everyone is very nice to me except Brittney.

In school also everyone likes me, even sandro.

Bubby says 'everyone has a soft spot for me'.

Here I am, sitting in my class.

There are words that there is a new boy joining the school.

It was a very boring class.

The teacher was sleeping on the chair.

I had my this class with Alexis but I think she is skipping.

I was trying to complete my homework when the door of the classroom banged open.

The teacher fell down from the chair.

Everyone laughed but I felt bad for the poor teacher and pouted.

I looked up to see a boy with a lot of tattoos and muscles.

He looked really dangerous.

The teacher looked up.


"Alex" The boy named 'Alex' said.

"Okay you can take a seat beside.............Alessia." He said pointing at me.

The boy came and sat beside me with his legs on the table.

"Hi I am Alessia" I said politely.

"Alex" he said with a stone cold face.

I looked closely at him now and he looked a little like bubby.

He has the same eye colour as our father.

It is weird.

"What are you looking at" he said snapping me out of my gaze.

"You look like me and my bubby" I told him excitedly.

He rose an eyebrow at me.

I suddenly felt a little shy and spoke

"My brother"

He nodded and took out his phone and started scrolling.

I went back to focus on the class.

After some time, the teacher was telling us something about the assignment.

"So the partners for your assignment is the person sitting beside you. You 2 will be the partners for whole year."
The teacher said to everyone.

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