Chapter 5

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I get to the construction sight within thirty minutes. I come to a sudden stop right outside of the gates. I climb over the gate and Tuck tosses me his camera. After everyone is over the gate we sneak around looking for Munch and Echo.

"Do you hear that?" I ask, listening closely to the sound.

"It sounds like Munch." Alex whispers. We follow the sound of Munch and end up in a trailer. We see videos of some people hurting Echo and another of some people interrogating Munch.

"We need to find them." I state, rushing out of the room only to be caught. They take us somewhere and now we're being interrogated.

I stare at the man with pure hatred the whole entire time he talks. He has no right to tell us that Echo is going to destroy us if we help him get home.

"He just wants to go home." Alex says. I look at him and intertwine our hands under the table, smiling.

"We are going to follow the map and you are going to help us, got that?"

We had no choice. He put us all in the back of the van. We ride for who knows how long. When finally come to a stop we are dragged out and we see Echo. He's losing energy. I rush to Echo when they put him on the ground and Alex kneels next to me.

"Echo, it's going to be okay. Just stay with us." Alex says. I know he's on the verge of tears I mean we all are. This was a friend that took us on a wild adventure on our last night together. Rattling noises can be heard in the junk yard.

Oh shit...

All of the remainder pieces go flying towards us attaching to Echo's key. Then junk starts flying towards the-whatever the people are-and build a wall all around them. This was our chance we all ran and jumped into the van, starting it up.

"Umm...Alex?" I say, unsure from where I sit in the passenger side with Tuck next to me and Alex in the driver's seat. He looks at me. "You think you got this?"

He nods and drives us out of the junk yard. The guys are behind us and Alex tries to go around the cars. When he finally has the guts to go around an eighteen wheeler comes our way.

"We're going to die today!!" I scream, closing my eyes. I open my eyes when I don't feel impact. I see the eighteen wheeler coming apart slowly and then it's behind us all in one piece. "What the fuck just happened!"

I'm hyperventilating right now and I am scared as fuck. Emma, Tuck, and Munch say calming things to me. Soon I'm back to normal and we are at Alex's house.

We all jump out of the van and walk up the hill to Alex's backyard. Echo's key goes nuts and goes into what I thought wasn't shallow ground and now is.

"If that thing takes off we could die!"

"Alex you can't go down there!"

"I'm not going stop until he gets home."

Was all I heard coming from Everyone's mouths. I see Alex going down the hole where Echo had went. Next thing I know I'm following him. I clutch his elbow as we walk.

I see the Echo trying to get through the metal door and we help him out. When the metal door opens it's nice and big. There's a podium in the middle with hole in the shape of the key. Alex sticks the key in the whole and Echo does his stuff.

"I left you behind once. I'm not doing it again." Alex and I turn around to see Tuck and the others coming through the door. I smile as they hug it out.

We look at Echo as he finishes off whatever he was doing. There all around us are videos of us through the adventure we just had. I smile at what happened at the happy memories. Alex holding my around my waist and I the same with him.

"I don't know how to say goodbye, so I'm gonna. I'm your friend. Even if you think I've forgotten."

...and we leave. We all walk out of the ship and watch as pieces of the ship pops out of the ground. They resemble themselves in the air and the ship takes off. Everyone comes out of their houses wondering what happened, but even if we did tell them they would never believe us.

Alex and I were holding eachother's hands when our parents came. Munch's mom was going crazy because she did see the ship and Tuck's dad seemed pissed off.

"Alex, who is she and who is she?" Alex's dad asked, I rolled my eyes. He's never actually seen me before only Alex's mom has seen me.

"This," Alex points to me with his free hand. "This is my girlfriend." I blush and elbow him in the ribs. Earning a small laugh from him.

"This is my friend, Emma." I say.

My mom is still having us move to Miami, Florida. Munch and Alex are still moving as well. Tuck is staying here with Emma. We all got grounded for life. It's all good though. I still have my friends and I made a few more friends.

This is the end, but since I'm really happy because I passed my test. That test was major to me because it decided whether or not I can start collegiate high school this fall and I got it! Sorry for my rambling...I'll give you a sneak peek of what's going to happen further into the book.


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