Chapter 52

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Salaam everyone. Today we lost a member of our family. Please keep us in your Duaas <3



The two brothers embraced fondly, and Amir put a hand on Houssam’s shoulder, smiling broadly.

“Aw man look at you! You look amazing! Have you gotten taller!?”

Houssam laughed, and tossed his bags into Amir’s trunk.

“I think I am tall enough thank you!”

Amir laughed, and the two of them got into the car.

“Everyone is so excited to see you! I’m not supposed to tell you this because it is a surprise, but there is a little party waiting for you at our house.”

“Aw really?” Houssam asked with a pleased smile, “that’s so sweet. Yusra’s doing?”

“Yusra’s doing.”

“Who is there?”

“Um, well when I left to get you, Hisham and the gang had just arrived.”


“Was Hana part of the gang?” he asked quietly, and Amir shifted uncomfortably.


“So it’s true then?”

Amir cleared his throat.


“Don’t play around with me Amir. Is she engaged?”

“Yeah. She is.”

“Man!” Houssam exclaimed angrily. “What the heck man!? She was the one who was claiming to have loved me for years then three months after I leave she goes and gets engaged to someone else!”

“Woah three months? Who told you that?”


Amir smiled slightly.

“Okay. I have to tell you something about your sister.”


“She has the worst case of pregnancy brain I have ever heard of in my entire life. Worse than when she was pregnant with Kareem, worse than Sarah and Eman with all of their pregnancies combined!”

Houssam tilted his head questioningly.

“What do you mean?”

“She forgets things and she gets things wrong. Once I found the butter in the hallway closest and the shampoo in the refrigerator!”

Houssam snorted.

“Wow. Poor Yusra. Well what was she wrong about?”

“Hana and Abdullah.”

“You have to say his name?” Houssam grumbled, and Amir glared at him.


“Fine. What was she wrong about? You just said they were engaged.”

“They are. But they have only been engaged for two weeks now. It hasn’t been three months.”

“Oh. But still it’s not like I was gone for six years! Then I could understand! But she couldn’t even wait six months!”

“You told her not to wait for you!”

“And she listened!”

A silence rang through the car, and Amir sighed.

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